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Forum Rules

As many know, has become a very popular website for both hunters who just enjoy looking at all the great photos and hunters who like to chat with others on the message board. Our forums were designed for hunters to share ideas, tips, and talk hunting with each other. We understand that at times people have different opinions on different subjects, however, we ask that you respect each other and abide by the following rules.

* No foul, obscene, vulgar, sexually oriented, hateful, threatening, or abusive language is allowed. This includes words that include * and $ that are used in place of characters. Most people still know what the word is what it means. It is offensive and will be removed.

* No off-topic messages or threads. We currently have seven forums and each is meant for a specific topic. For example, the Mule Deer forum is meant for our visitors to talk about mule deer hunting. If your thread or message is not about mule deer hunting, it may be removed or moved to the appropriate forum. Another example, the Campfire forum is for general hunting talk, sharing stories, telling tales, etc. It is not for complaining.
If your thread or message is off-topic, it may be removed or moved to the appropriate forum.

* Please, do not post messages that question our moderating. If you have a question or complaint, please email us. If posted on the board, it will be removed.

* No advertising. This includes both commercial and non-profit organizations. If you have an upcoming event, please let us know and we will add it to our Events Calendar. Or if you would like information about advertising on the website, drop us a line.

* No links to other hunting related websites.

Any messages that the administrator or moderators find to be in violation of any of these rules will be removed.

The rules are very simple and should be easy to abide by. We hope that you will help us to keep a fun and enjoyable site for everyone. Please, if you see a message or thread that you find offensive or that violates any of our rules, notify us as soon as possible. And finally, EVERYONE, please take the time to register a username!

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