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    High Mountain Elk Backpacking

    Sleeping bag: any down sleeping bag by Western Mountaineering or Marmot that hits the temperature zones you'll be experiencing. Their temp ratings are very accurate. Tent: Take a look at TarpTents. I've owned several and loved them. They are very lightweight.
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    UT LE Late bull hunt change

    You already have the three season any bull tag that has pulled hunters from the archery pool, and now you want to put spike hunters in the same pool. Now you have diluted opportunity for over 15,000 hunters and moved the any bull tag into a draw status (it's already close to being that). Hard...
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    Pisscutter Problem Discovered

    Damn. Bad bull to cow ratios really play havoc.
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    Wasatch Mid Season Bull

    Great job! That's a cool looking rack.
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    Semi-live Utah LE Elk Muzzy Hunt

    Wowser! The mass on that thing is amazing. Thanks for sharing your experiences!
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    Wyoming Archery Elk - video

    I'm sure glad he waited to keel over until he was out of that pond! That's really fun footage. Thanks for sharing!!! Awesome bull.
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    Utah LE success

    Gorgeous bull. I can why you're glad you held out for him.
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    WY elk hunt follow up

    If that's not the biggest bull you saw, I want to hunt where you hunt 'cuz that's a great bull!! Well done!
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    Utah Youth Any Bull Elk Hunt Fail

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-23-19 AT 12:29PM (MST)[p]There's always someone that's got more money and opportunity than the rest of us. That's life. But, there's plenty of opportunity in Utah for hunters who work hard and have some savvy and maybe a little luck. Every year there are hunters (archery...
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    I?ll share a picture

    Man, the mass on that bull is spectacular.
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    Manti LE archery success

    Awesome bull! Congrats. I always love a pack out picture! Thanks for sharing!
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    Turned in San Juan Tag

    Why did you wait so long to turn it in? Were you contemplating using it, and then decided against it?
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    elk round steak

    Chili is a really good option. I've made my ragu bolognese sauce for lasagna with it, and it turns out great. Also, made Korean lettuce wraps using ground elk.
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    Late season AZ bull

    That's a pretty bull. Thanks for sharing.
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    412" Archery Utah Bull Elk

    Wowser! What a beautiful bull. Definitely worth the 19 days of hunting and all the pre-hunt work. What unit?
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