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WE Provide you access to the best hunts at the best price to our hunters. Many quality areas require a license that is very difficult to draw in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Nebraska South Dakota and Iowa. As we all know the better the quality in a hunting unit the older the age of the animals are in that unit. If it were not true, then hunters would not loose 5-10 years of their life applying for a specific area to hunt. Well we only provide PRIVATE LAND Hunts. This increases the quality of the animals, a success level of up to 100% and the safety of the hunt. We provide hunts to over 500 hunters each year, as most return to us every year because our discount to our hunters continues to be 10% to 60% discounted. We take great strides to do what no one else can provide. We match you to a hunt that is in your budget range, with you aspirations. We are not out here to break to bank covering your hunting plans. With 835 hunts we don't have to. In addition 80% of our hunters return to the hunt we put them on, in the next 2 years. That is what I am proud of, it shows that we are not just providing hunts. We are providing hunts to our hunters, that satisfy their desires so well that the even return to that hunt year after year.
Also to make obtaining a license to any hunts easy, which the western Draw states are not known for drawing success we provide a low cost, high success option called Watchdog. A 21st century tool that no one else has because I patented it. Simply put it remove the "I can't hunt this year, because I didn't draw a hunting license." syndrome. Last year I received licenses with watchdog, and audited/Hunted 19 Different private land from Outfitter, Guided, Farmers, Ranchers and landowners. Only 14 of the 19 hunts passed our rigorous, boot on the ground audit. Those you will see in our 835 hunts. The other 5 I will not endorse or even provide them to my hunters. unless they correct the items that they failed, Then I schedule a second audit out a full year in my audit schedule, to audit again.

PUBLIC LAND has a success rate of only 3 percent. It is no wonder that 97% of the game animals are shot on private land. We have no annual membership dues, or anything like that, we just have happy hunters. If you have not seen our web site DiscountedHunts.net then you must have lived a very shelterd life, and alloded over 500 hunters each year that your hunt. I am not pushy, I just like to provide the detailed information to my hunters every year so they can pre-plan their fall hunting season plans. Each of the 835 hunts has a information page with 10 or so photos, Hunting information, prices, and draw information so that you can be successful in drawing the required license and if you can shoot well go home with horns and meat in the back of your truck. If you are one that desires to hunt public land every year, I am not for you. I don't want to subject my hunters to a public land hunt, where the only herds you see are wearing blaze orange herds. If you are not first in the view never changes. You definitely go home more times than not with the only thing that you go home with is tired feet after paying the same amount for the licenses if you draw as my private land hunter, but they go home with meat and horns. 99.9 % of the hunting fatalities occur on public land. If your wife wants you to hunt public land you better check to see what he motivation is. Feel free to call me if you are tired of going home from a hunt with the back of your truck empty.
We have a 21st century solution for successful license acquisition, and hunting on private land, to beat the ever growing number of locations that hunting is being prevented every year. I allow you to get ahead of the curve, and fill you freezer with meat, and you walls with horns.

Greg Merriam
CEO Discounted Hunts LLC
Colorado, and 27 other states Private Land Hunting Opportunities
If you are interested in some hunting opportunities just provide me with a email address and I will email you some to look over. I am not a hunt broker, I am a Hunting Consultant, that has the contacts to make your budget and hunting dreams come true.
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Oct 1, 1950 (Age: 71)
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