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    Total bonus points?

    Before this year's draw in UT I had 147 pts in UT. That includes bonus and prefence points. Burned my 24 LE deer pts this year. I'm trying to burn as many points in every state every year. In NV I'm sitting right at 100 pts. Lots more points in CA, WY, AZ, and CO.
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    Idiot Alert! Bear Sprayed my truck….

    It's nothing too exciting. Happened as a cadet in a LE academy. Required you to get sprayed and then work through a few tasks while dealing with the effects. Some cadets weren't affected much...others were screaming like someone cut off their arm! One of the worst parts about it is when you...
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    Idiot Alert! Bear Sprayed my truck….

    I've been pepper sprayed in the face. It's another level of pain!
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    Real, legitimate, actual rain in Vegas!!!

    Hoping those guzzlers are filling up with these storms!
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    CA Fish and Game hunt change Proposals

    CA has so many opportunities to develop a few different hunts that could easily attract the max point holders. IMO they should be unit-wide and not specific to an area like so many of CA's special hunts are.
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    Snake Boots recommendation(s)?

    Been hunting my entire life and have hunted some of the most snakiest country around and I've never stepped on a rattler. Maybe I just pay attention to where I walk. IMO snake boots are not needed for any western hunt. If there's a concern just wear some tall leather boots.
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    CA Fish and Game hunt change Proposals

    I think, like you, that some late tags in D3-D7 would be great and pull some of the max/high point holder to them. Only issue is that the proposed late hunts being proposed in the link by the OP are only the first week to week and a half of November. These hunts should start the 2nd or 3rd...
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    Guide Recommendations Arizona North Kaibab 12A West Late Hunt

    Looks like he he did seven different "stuff!"
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    CA Fish and Game hunt change Proposals

    I don't see why CDFW couldn't add at least two tags (maybe 3) in both of these areas. The survey data is as strong as some of the best units in the state. There are sheep dying of old age in these two areas. The sheep survey data I have from 2019 said the survey efforts in the Nopah's...
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    CA Fish and Game hunt change Proposals

    I too agree. My only other comments are: + Should have also separated the NE elk hunt into four units: Warner Mtns unit, Devil's Garden Unit, Pondosa Unit, and the Little Valley unit. +Add two new sheep hunts: Nopah Range and the Castle/Paiute Ranges, which are doing as well as many other...
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    Repair help

    The Grabit is basically an easy out, but is a bit different than a standard easy out. The flutes on the bit are extremely sharp and sticky against the metal. The easy outs I have are not.
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    Repair help

    Just before a CO archery deer hunt I had a bolt break on my new Mathews bow and used a Grabit to remove it. It worked perfect and was surprised how easily it unscrewed it!
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    What bow to buy?

    +2 on Mathews. I have two of them. A 2009 Drenalin and a 2018 Halon. Like them both, but love my Drenalin!!
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    Carrying gun on ATV

    This is exactly how I carry my rifle too. I add some thick pipe insulation on the bars of the rack to add a bit more cushion too.
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    Paunsaguant LE Elk hunt help.

    What are the season dates? I'll be there for a few weeks in mid-Sept to early-Oct for my muzzy deer hunt. Shoot me a PM with your contact info just in case I see something.
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