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      Desertdeer reacted to wetmule's post in the thread Who Next? with Like Like.
      I’m with the American party & have major issues with both parties. Obama’s division, crony capitalism & his socialism produced Trump...
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      Desertdeer replied to the thread Tripod for the 15's.
      slik cf 734 and a manfrotto 128rc has been my favorite all around. tall enough for standing, small and light enough for packing.
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      Desertdeer reacted to 6chukar's post in the thread WY NR elk results ? with Like Like.
      I would agree with you but Arizona exists. I do 8 states and by far they are behind in every aspect.
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      Desertdeer replied to the thread Rifle builds for 2022.
      Finally got everything together and ran a few rounds through it. Very impressed with the suppressor. Looks like it's gonna run 140...
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