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    G3 Draw - Finally

    weather was pleasant today in Round Valley…..sounds like it was wet and nasty 40 miles north in G3.
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    G3 Draw - Finally

    Been in round valley all after noon…..lots of deer…a dozen or so bucks…nothing good…lots that would please most juniors if their guardians wouldn’t pretend it is their tag….
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    G3 Draw - Finally

    I expected to see more…..
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    Phlster ENIGMA Holster

    Go play in the road....
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    Base Camp Slop

    LOL Lumpy.....Janel always calls them "funeral potatoes".....
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    Base Camp Slop

    home cooked spagetti in gallon zip locks reheated in hot water....
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    Trophy Rooms long as the ship laps are well attached to the studs under the problem
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    They sell wine in Utah....
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    2022 Idaho Buck

    That is a cool buck....
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    Vaccine Side Effects

    you missed it........
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    Arizona hunting system

    What state doesn't do that?
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    Elk Tenderloin

    ....other than beef
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    Vaccine Side Effects

    cute name.....
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    Mr. Anti-public land, Mike Lee, needs to go

    We get the point browneye….you’re not one of us heathens….
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