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    More comedy from our Government....
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    Will the DOJ get involved??...

    I bet they do.....
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    MAGA On The Ropes

    ...only 9 hours for me....I want to watch....
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    Anyone got "furries" in their kids schools?

    No...but they sure set national policy that directs what the market can and will do....
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    MAGA On The Ropes

    even after my last 2 comments here....I agree with you 100%
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    MAGA On The Ropes

    Biden is not a dipshit, he is an International embarrassment and criminal....are you wearing shoes??
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    utah elk numbers?

    This will be way better than livestock.....
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    mayorkas got impeached

    Swept under the rug in the Senate.....constitutional rules be damned....
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    New Air-Force recruit ad campaign

    uh.....what again happened on October 7th?....
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    No Victims
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    utah elk numbers?

    Well....they provide WAY more money and product to the economy too....
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    For Sale Prana Zion Pants

    ....just looking at your history here, have you ever completed a transaction on MM?
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    Blood clot question?

    First time I've ever heard liver disease described as not
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    MAGA On The Ropes

    not nearly all of them...but a bunch....and squishy men too.
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    MAGA On The Ropes

    without a doubt it did....sad how much power baby murdering women have....
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