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    Alaska Today!!!

    Cory, you do it the right way sir. HATS OFF BUDDY. Love our shared passion to give glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus .
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    Wench is the ticket when you come up on a fallen tree blocking the road as well.
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    Filled my tag

    Well done Ace, I'm chasing deer now in Nevada and you give me motivation. Great buck and memories of a lifetime. Praying I'm doing as well as you are in another 20 years .
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    Northbound tomorrow ( deer in 121)

    Scouted 121 in July, didn't see a lot in the heat of summer. Praying this trip is more bountiful, getting some weather and cold temperatures now. Planning on focusing in on the SW corner of the unit. Appreciate any words of wisdom from those in the know. I'm typically a bow/Muzzy...
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    Darn Kids!!

    Yes sir, thats quite a spread. Congrats to Team Blank
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    Up right or chest freezer?

    We work so hard, Invest so much money into bringing home critters that we fully expect to enjoy on the dinner table during the off season, the fear of a power outage and losing it prompted me to spending some money. Wife and I decided to put in a solar system that was off grid and feeds...
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    Blessed - 6B Success

    Hats off, making memories of a lifetime. Nice bull to boot. I'm a Caveman as well, left after High School but love being raises there as it was awesome back in those days.
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    National CFS Day - Would You Expect Less??

    Five Star sir . One of my top 3 meals as well.
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    Praying that too many Pennsylvania voters didn't simply pull the "D" lever prior to this debate during early voting. Please Lord don't allow Fetterman to get elected to the Senate, these folks have a massive amount of power and influence on the direction of our nation. He is several notches...
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    Elk tendies

    That's saying A LOT Blank !!!! Oh just to be a fly on the wall at your casa.
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    Smoked Deer meatloaf.

    Thanks Brutus, smoked then finished off in the oven thats what I needed. I'll give it a try soon .
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    Smoked Deer meatloaf.

    I got venison, I got a Traeger, I got an appetite, please help with details on how long and at what temperature on the grill. I'd be grateful, preparing for my next hunt as well.
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    Jicarilla Deer Tag!

    It will be a banner year, a 200" buck is always had to find. I echo the comment on i hope you are set up with a good guide, hunt of a lifetime....make memories.
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    Who would have thought

    Mrna injections have never been done happy my family chose not to participate. No serious Covid issues at all with any of us.. My gut feeling is the long term effects of the jab will be catastrophic.
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    Nevada buck down

    Congrats to both of you, looking at that face that buck had a few years under him
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