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    Nascar cut a deal with the Feds this year to avoid the next 100 years of corporate income tax. Next year they will have their first all electric race and by 2025 all races will be electric.
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    Which buck you shootin’?

    Nomba wuan
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    Lemon Charged, Trump Jr the Hunter Get yourself some professional help Hossblur.
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    Is he a taker for you this year?

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    I was always amused by the eco-methane science. The tropical rainforests that we should all be saving, make methane on levels that make cow farts look like mouse queefs.
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    Lemon Charged, Trump Jr the Hunter

    Sure they do.
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    Lemon Charged, Trump Jr the Hunter

    I've never been able to find a single official documentation of any of this. Chasing a deer, getting banned, nothing. The only place it's talked about is amongst the gossip hounds here.
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    This is what I was referring to on the thread a couple of weeks ago. There are problems with mental health that are surpassing mass shootings by a mile. Think about this. These...
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    Antelope scoring

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    You shootin’ this bull?

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    Do yall think gang bangers in Chicago are complaining about not being able to find ammo?
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    Yet another school shooting

    Nobody said that.
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    Yet another school shooting Good luck legally getting a gun there. If you are wondering their homicide rate is over 4 times higher than the US.
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    Antelope scoring

    Do not drive past that buck. I don't care if it is 10 minutes into day 1. KILL HIM.
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    9yo girl attacked by lion, stevens county WA Just an update. Looks like she's making progress.
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