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    Disabled daughter on elk hunt

    You'll be able to bud. It's amazing finding all of the new technology that is out there all the time; stuff I wished I'd known about years ago.
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    Disabled daughter on elk hunt

    My daughter was a guest of a foundation called Swollfest this October at the 20,000 acre RecordBuck Ranch outside Utopia, Texas. Swollfest had chosen her as their 2021 Inspirational Person at their 2021 fishing tournament held in June at Grand Isle, Louisiana. They gave her a trach chair, an...
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    Disabled daughter's 2019 WY mule deer hunt

    I thought I had posted the video of my daughter's Wyoming mule deer hunt from 2019 but saw I hadn't. I just posted a video of her TX axis deer hunt we did in July in the General Hunting forum and thought I'd post this one for reference. The opening credits details most of the story if you pause...
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    Disabled daughter's axis deer hunt

    I just shared the video/story about my disabled daughter Kenzi's WY mule deer hunt from last fall in the Mule Deer Forum and thought I would share her latest hunt from July (yes, close to the Mexican border in July is hot) which she won with her photo of her with her mule deer from last fall...
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    Using Tactacam for disabled daughter's shooting

    For those who got to see my daughter's hunts from before, we just tried out a Tactacam FPS system mounted to the scope and streamed the video wirelessly to an android tablet for her to see the target/animal up close. She can see exactly what is going on and visually decide to shoot or not shoot...
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    Spring Hunts Photo Contest! Let's see um'!!

    And just for good measure, I caught a softshell turtle and channel cat fishing that morning which also got processed for the freezer. Who doesn't like wild turkey, catfish, and turtle going in the freezer!
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