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    unit 24 Coues deer

    Thank you to the two fellows that PM'd me. Very helpful info.
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    New Mexico - 23 Burros Coues

    Well, did you have any luck? My son and I have the late Jan 2022 hunt coming up in unit 24. We're hoping to catch them in the rut.
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    unit 24 Coues deer

    Ooook,..... so how about anyone seeing any rutting activity on coues in that southwest portion of the state. Our hunt is Jan 16-30. Feel free to PM me if you dont want to post here.
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    unit 24 Coues deer

    Anyone living in the Silver City area or anywhere else have any good info on coues in the area. We hunted there a few years back and know of a few places to hunt them but looking for some help for our late January hunt. Thanks
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    Boys bat .1000 on their deer hunts.

    They batted a thousand. Good job coaching them Dad, and congrats to all of them
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    Matt Rinella on Social Media

    Ya I pretty much agree with Matt on this. If you wanna post pics, post them on this kind of forum
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    Wife got it done

    Wow Congratulations on that monster. That part of the state grows some big ones. Those sword (4th) points are just awesome. 2019 has started off with some truly impressive trophies. Again tell her congrats.
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    Mule Deer Counties

    I think your list looks pretty reasonable. The only one I might question is Mora county. Mora county is surrounded by other counties that DO produce large bucks, and I have seen many large bucks in that county. Other than that the rest of your list looks about right One thing to keep in mind...
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    Son's AZ Coues deer

    I lived in AZ during the 90's and found several places I'd like to hunt for Coues over there. Your son tagged a very respectable specimen....Congrats to the both of you. I'm currently scouting for them here in NM. Wish me luck.....LOL
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    Coues deer in unit 24

    Thanks for the reply via PM 82ndreddevil. Anyone else familiar with unit 24 Coues? Thanks.
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    Desert Sheep!

    Thanks for posting your story, and congrats on an awesome trophy. Sorry to hear about your friends injuries. Prayers for his speedy recovery.
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    NM unit 24 coues

    Just looking for any info anyone can throw out there on this unit. I bought a couple of left over tags for myself and my son and plan to hunt that unit Jan 1-9. Anyone familiar with this unit and its coues deer?
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    Coues deer in unit 24

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    Coues deer in unit 24

    >Just looking for some general help >with where to start looking >for Coues whitetails in unit >24. I've never hunted this >unit but got a couple >of leftovers so my son >and I can spend some >quality time together. Any help >would be appreciated. We have just a few days to scout...
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    Coues deer in unit 24

    Just looking for some general help with where to start looking for Coues whitetails in unit 24. I've never hunted this unit but got a couple of leftovers so my son and I can spend some quality time together. Any help would be appreciated.
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