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    Jicarilla Deer Tag!

    Unbelievable buck! Congratulations
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    400” or 200” what’s harder

    Does this guy get to the magical mark?
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    400” or 200” what’s harder

    Great bull
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    400” or 200” what’s harder

    In 40 years of hunting i have seen 4 bulls that would break 400. One in Utah, two in Wyoming and one in Arizona. Of the four two are in my office. One from Wyoming and one from Arizona. I have seen several 200+ buck over the years but only a couple of typical in that class. Luckly i have one of...
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    Wyoming adventures

    Congratulations Paul! Never a doubt with you on the hunt! Hope Zach is doing well. I am headed out to hunt elk in Wyo for the next week. I will give you an update
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    Someone make it official….

    WTF 15 kids out of the same vagina?
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    26 years and 28 minutes (sorry this is a long one)

    One hell of a bull. Score means nothing on that bull. Congrats on a bull of a lifetime and thanks for sharing!
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    Elk hunt 231

    Great unit for a stomper bull. Just need to put your time in!
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    2022 Deer season has come to a end

    Damn no wonder there isn't any mule deer around! Congrats on a great year
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    Delores Triangle late rifle deer hunters.

    Hunted it last year if that helps
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    Wyoming Quality Bull Elk Migration hunts

    Do you hunt unit 58?
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    128-1 Deer

    Beautiful buck!
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    Sportsmans Tags 2023

    Hell of a buck! Congrats
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    Expo Tag Luck

    Congratulations on a great deer and a lifetime of memories
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