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    General elk hunt

    202, Ninemile, lots of big bulls in there
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    Powderhorn Primitive Outfitters

    They hunt an area overrun with outfitters and diy hunters.
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    Montana is a fun hunt

    I would be hard pressed to spend 1500 on that size of buck, when you can kill bigger in KS, NE, OK, or WY. Most of those bucks are 1.5 to 2.5 years old. It’s not Harv fault and he is happy with what he got. And to him it’s a big buck. Yeah Montana management is in the shitter, and a 120 inch...
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    Montana deer hunt

    Just saying there are about 690-700 motel rooms in Glasgow and they were entirely booked for most of the riffs season. I’m in agreement with you. It’s crazy out there
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    Montana deer hunt

    I’ve been a resident of both Colorado and Montana, and Colorado would win hands down for big mule deer, and the western parts of Montana for producing big whitetail. There was roughly around 600 hunters around Glasgow MT (Missouri Breaks) in mid November this year it’s highly over hunted. I’ve...
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    Ruger Red Label 12 guage

    I mis-typed asking $1400.
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    Ruger Red Label 12 guage

    Ruger Red Label 12 2 3/4-3” gauge for sale, good condition. A little wear at the end on the barrel and a few blemishes from hunting. But overall good condition. $1300 located in Kalispell, MT. Can arrange shipping through a FFL dealer.
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    Your biggest buck while road hunting

    Those are some beautiful bucks. I could have shot my biggest buck at about 15 yards in central Montana in 2005, but it wasn’t legal and I wouldn’t have felt right about. Thankful I didn’t shoot. This past season me and my boy spotted a buck off the county road that we first thought was a bull...
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    Permit Question for Unit 704 Elk

    You can archery and muzzleloader hunt with a rifle permit. If you draw an archery you can only archery hunt. Secondly, you can’t hunt antlered elk in another unit if your tag is a 799-20 or 799-21, so you can’t hunt a general unit for when your permit is valid in 702, 704, or 705. There are elk...
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    Cody carr hunting adventure

    There are a whole bunch of bad outfitters near Trout Creek and Noxon, Wayne Hill is another. You can go take your rifle for a hike and not waste 3-4k in guide fees with some kid that has never hunted. You would be better off if you hunted a private ranch, I’m going guided ever, but hunting...
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    My 2 cents to FWP last year

    You are correct at so many levels. I write the commission most years, we need reduced seasons, pick your weapon, and lots of species need to be limited to drawing only.
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    SE Montana Deer "Did I do it wrong"

    Guys the deer just aren’t there in any significant quantity or quality. The MTFWP considers this the new normal. This is basically due to unlimited tags given out over an entire region and focused hunting on public lands and then combine a drought of 2021, it’s not going to recover anytime soon.
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    Finally got the daughters deer back

    Really nice buck, congratulations to you all
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    Antelope Results

    We drew three tags for Region 7! We are from Kalispell and draw most every year
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    Unit 49 Elk! Who do I believe?

    How is unit 48 to the west? Looking at a 1st season rifle tag next fall. Please PM
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    Hot and Dark in NM This Summer?

    How does New Mexico receive conservative god fearing families? Me and my wife are looking to move south when the kids graduate. We love Montana, but my wife can’t handle the winters and the hunting has gone down hill. I lived in Farmington in 2001 and can’t imagine how bad it is now. I hope you...
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    Big game brochure.

    Going for unit 49 2nd season
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    Little Sunday fun!

    That is awesome, beautiful cat. What type of hounds do you run and how many? I’ve had leopards, a Walker, and plott cross, each had their strengths/weaknesses. Just got a 4 months old Leopard that Im training and ready to start coon hunting him next spring/summer. Good luck this season and you...
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    Late Season MT Bull

    Great bull for any general or limited area.
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    Wyoming general bull

    Great hunting and great trophies
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    Reports/Updates from SE?

    Deer numbers are really low, a majority of the animals have moved down into private irrigated ground due to the drought.
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    Unit 49 2nd rifle season

    Anyone recently hunted 48 1st season
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    Unit 49 2nd rifle season

    I’m ok, going for 2nd season next year
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    Unit 49 2nd rifle season

    Any updates for the 2021 seasons? Please PM
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    2021-rifle bull elk success photo contest ?

    That is great hunting, good for you guys for hunting as a family
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    Using a patch over powder with power belt bullet

    Do you put a wad/patch underneath a conical bullet like a TC Maxi-Ball?
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    SOLD Davis Tent 14' x 16' Elk Camp Tent Package

    Joe, I work on construction projects and get per-diem and to save my living expenses I live in a wall tent. I don’t have to pay utilities, etc, and I get a gym membership to take a shower and workout. I bought my 14x16 (used twice) in northern Colorado for $1000 in 2019 with frame poles, fly...
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    SOLD Davis Tent 14' x 16' Elk Camp Tent Package

    These are great tents, I have lived in one for about 14 months and use it for longer hunting trips
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    SOLD 7 mm Mag. AMMO & Brass

    I would buy the Horndany Superperformance 18 rounds 154 SST for $55 with shipping to Arkansas. Thanks
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    Unit 49 bull moose after 19 years!!!

    Congratulations on your tag
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    Bosque Del Oso

    Hoopscoach, Helped many years ago on a December cow hunt down in BDO. It’s beautiful country and great hunting. I will never be able to hunt it again, but I could see the later rifle seasons being very good this year. Preston
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    Last minute thoughts before we leave? SE MT here we come

    Tons of deer, but mostly 2 points and immature bucks. If I was after a nice whitetail you are hunting the wrong region. There are tons of hunters on the public land anywhere near Broadus
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    Unit 49 2nd-4th rifle season elk

    Does anyone have any recent experience with hunting Colorado unit 49 rifle season 2nd? Looking at hunting it in 2021, have 8 pp. interested to know the amount of hunting pressure and quality/quantity of bulls. Thanks Preston
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    MT elk districts 324,325,326/moose district 332

    Sent you a pm
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    Two young men / One old guy = 3 Bulls

    I second the horse, great looking steed, is he yours? Looks like half draft? Nice bulls for you and your boys!!
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    Places to stay in or around Gunnison

    I used to like to camp/fish at Almont at the BLM campground, me and my wife had some great memories up there, and caught some great fish. Enjoy your hunt
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    Unit 49 2nd rifle season

    Anyone ever hunted the 2nd or 3rd rifle seasons in Colorado unit 49? Looking at applying next year with 8 preference points. Thanks
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    Co question

    Rubble, I don't know your job situation in oil and gas, but if/when oil/gas prices drop lots of positions get canned during buy outs. Colorado/Wyoming have had some roller coaster years in the oil field. One day everything is great and then a merger occurs and your out of a job. Colorado is...
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    Wyoming last minute bull

    Great bull. Congrats to your wife and yourself. It takes patience to hold out for a big bull when your limited on time. Enjoy your trophy and the elk meat.
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