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    Deer Unit 74 lodging, 2nd season

    Deer Unit 74 lodging, 2nd season Me and my son drew unit 74 2nd season as a second chance . I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the area and could recommend a place to stay . Were looking for a motel room that would be close to the hunting area ? We've never been to unit 74 and any help...
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    Unit 40 Anyone

    Can anyone help me with a close room to unit 40 ? Me and my son will be deer hunting the unit for the first time and could use some help from someone that's familiar with the lodging . Or the unit . Please send me a PM Thank you
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    Draw posted today

    Maybe next year for me !
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    Room close to unit 30

    Me and my son will be heading to unit 30 2nd season for our first Colorado deer hunt . Any help with a close , clean room would be great . Thanks
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