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    Idaho or NM

    Well, it wasn't my year for the Elk draw this year and I decided to buy a tag for Idaho. As I did the research I found that I was going to be in an extremely high pressure area in Idaho ( Tex Creek) and while I am no stranger to gettin into the nasties for a good bull I hedged my bet and sought...
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    Palisades Reservoir camping

    Hello y'all, I hedged my NM elk draw with an Idaho Elk Tex Creek area Elk tag and got em in the mail yesterday. I have been looking at places to stay that are in the area and wanted to ask anyone that was familiar with the area what the camping is like on the Palisades reservoir? Plan is to...
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    2019 McGregor

    Hi All, Just wanted to share my last outing for 2019. I drew the Mcgregor range FAD tag and due to being on a military range, e-scouting was the only option. I am familiar with the surround areas and the Hueco's having grown up partially in El Paso, so my buddy and I headed out and were on...
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    16E NM

    Hi y?all! I finally got lucky and drew a Bull Elk tag for 16E in NM. Absolutely stoked to have the opportunity this year on a hunt I've waited a long time for. Thought I'd share my good fortune for my first post here and ask if anyone has worked this unit before?
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