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    Winchester Tungsten

    Has anyone seen the model 70 extreme tungsten? it's on my wish list and is due out in Sept. was wondering if anyone has any info on this gun.
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    2021 - NW Colorado 10 pts.

    Me and a buddy are going to cash in on our pts in 2021. Friends of ours have hunted one of the units and have helped us get started. However, looking into hearing "general" trends and suggestions from anyone with some knowledge. I know most units aren't what they were even a few years ago...
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    unit 20 landowner tags

    I'm looking for a land owner tag for both mule deer and elk in unit 20; preferable two tags for each species. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. B
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    Unit 20 (comanche wilderness outfitters)

    Anybody ever hunt with them? info on private land in that unit? how about the surrounding units on the wyoming border? Thanks for any info. Just trying to get a feel for their outfit and the private land hunting. B
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    Goat Points

    What are your thoughts as to how many points it will take to draw a decent antelope tag? Not looking for any specifics but just general info. I know, you can hunt good antelope without any points. But I'm looking for better than average hunts on public land or pay for access in a limited draw...
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    eastern wyoming

    I'm hearing good things about the eastern part of the state for deer and lope numbers improving. This is from wildlife wardens and biologist. Can any one with boots on the ground confirm? would love to discuss. thanks. Thanks, B
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