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    Theres Brec Bundy with MDA but also don't forget Clay Bundy Outfitters, a different guide service. We killed this buck with Brec Bundy of MDA. If they are booked I'd look at Shadow Valley, Craig Steele of Exclusive Pursuit or Big Chino Outfitters. If there's ever a hunt to hire a guide on, this...
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    HuntScan for Glassing

    This might be the worst idea I've ever seen. Does it shoot the deer for you also? Maybe they can have the app to do the butchering also. It may be legal now but it won't for long.
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    12 AW Fire

    Glad to hear that. We have had a lot of good times there at Jacob Lake. Seems like a long narrow fire with some widening happening. That north east end like you said, hopefully gets stopped down low in the sage flats.
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    12 AW Fire

    The old burn isn't what it used to be 10-15 years ago. Theres still a lot of deer in there but it's not the magnet it used to be. It's growing back pretty good. I wouldn't worry about it getting shot out. Tags are down, this burn will open up a lot of country that didn't hold a lot of deer...
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    12 AW Fire

    Are you there fin?Would love to hear some local info
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    12 AW Fire

    Have you guys hunted the kaibab? The burn up there is the best thing that happened to it. This fire will produce another 20 years of giant bucks and great opportunity to 10,000 plus tag holders. This years tag holders will be fine. There's deer everywhere up there.
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    12 AW Fire

    Why is this terrible? This is the best thing for the hunting up there. As long as people and their homes/businesses are safe, let it burn. Gunna make the Kaibab even better hunting.
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    Scent Control
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    What is different between AZ second and third seasons?

    Pressure vs weather. Earlier hunts the deer are not as pressured yet but the weather can be hot, deer will bed earlier. On the later hunts the weather is much better but the deer have seen weeks of hard hunting.
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    New Arizona hunter help.

    Theres big Kiabab type deer in every desert unit. 37B gets a lot of press because its close to town. It also has 450 and 500 tags per hunt. Not an easy hunt and sometimes pretty hot. It's not a hunt for a new hunter. For a new hunter I'd suggest 12AW early rifle. If she wants to stick close to...
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    2020 Proposed deer tag quotas?

    Nothing is changing this year except the changes in the amendment Slowelk posted, unless they changed anything at the meeting last Friday. They approved two years at a time so this year should be nearly identical to last, minus changing the dates to start on Fridays.
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    Garmin GPS Suggestions with OnX Maps

    Location has nothing to do with your phone working or not. You could have the same thing with a gps in any location.
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    Wanted 300 Remington Ultra Brass

    I have some I could sell. Probably 80-100
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    Garmin GPS Suggestions with OnX Maps

    Phones do work everywhere. You don't need service to use it. He needs to learn the offline mode. That's his own problem not using the app right. You could say the same thing about any GPS or program. Gotta have enough battery power and know how to use it.
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    Garmin GPS Suggestions with OnX Maps

    Never understood the need for a gps when I have my phone and onX
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    22 North

    Probably one of the worst units in the state for that early rifle tag. Shoot the first 6 point you see. Quality is horrible in 22N. You will get on some good rutting action though.
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    5B North Elk Archery

    5BN has a lot of people focused on several main areas. A lot of thick cedar country that it tough to hunt. Some decent bulls but there is a lot of pressure and people who think they are Wayne Carlton out there with their hoochie mamas that need to be hit every 3 seconds. Roughest roads in the...
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    draw odds / harvest success?

    Try this: You will get more info from the actual produced documents than any paid website service.
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    17 NR ELK Points

    Might want to listen to Jay Scott's podcast about 1 and 27 with Jeff Lester of Hunt Hard before you apply for those. A 300 bull is capable in most if not all of the elk units here.
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    Unit 33 Late Coues

    I personally wouldn't use 8 points on that tag. 33 has more tags than any unit in the state. Quality is way down from what it has been in the past. It's a fun hunt, just expect to see very few older deer.
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    Remote Text Communication Here you go
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    AZ 12W Early Rifle

    Wear orange...keep your head low....
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    draw data question

    All that information is posted on the AZGFD website here:
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    18A early rifle elk

    I'd be getting in contact with Craig Steele with Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters. That area is home to them. Hard working guy
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    Who knows, you were the one there. I'm just trying to say that he may not have been hunting. You can fly drones during hunts but you cannot hunt with them or harass wildlife. Who knows what the guy was doing. Good luck proving he was hunting with it. People fly drones all the time, seems like...
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    How do you know he was hunting?
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    If it's a rifle rut hunt I'd pass
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    Wow Vortex!

    Vortex has to have excellent customer service or they wouldn't survive. The quality just isn't the same as Swaro. I have a lot of Vortex and Swaro stuff btw.
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    Sheep points

    Makes me wonder what it will be like in 30-40 years. I'm seeing elk units in AZ that we used to be able to draw with 3-4 points 10-15 years ago that are now 8-10 points needed. These are early archery low end units. Looks bleak for our young hunters future, but thats just the reality with an...
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    Sheep points

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-27-18 AT 11:56AM (MST)[p]Nice ram Buzz. Nothing against you, but this is a topic that is super frustrating for me and a lot of AZ residents. I see a lot of older men in AZ not ever drawing a sheep tag. I have 18 points and will be lucky to ever draw a sheep tag in my home...
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    High altitude prep

    I would try this:
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    Works great with essential oils, scent lock and ozone. lol
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    dream buck!!!

    My wife killed my dream buck.
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    That time of year

    I'd consider waiting a year. We have been very dry. Look at 23N or 1 early archery or early rifle/muzzy bull for both units. The west side of the state is generally drier than the east side. We could get a bunch of spring rains and have a great year, but it has been bad for moisture this...
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    Arizona elk

    Keep in mind AZ is in a bad dry spell right now. I heard on the radio it's the driest in recorded history and that the majority of AZ hasn't gotten any rain since August. Next year could be bad if we don't cool down and get some rain. Today it was 13 degrees above average.
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    OTC Archery Desert Mule Deer 2017-2018!

    I responded in your other post but anyway... It's so dry right now its getting ridiculous. Hunt near water or you won't see many/any deer. I've tried the decoy thing a few times, I'm not a fan. I've had better luck getting in front of them and hunkering down and waiting. As you probably have...
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    AZ Archery OTC 17-18

    Get ready to hunt around water. It's drier than its been in years.
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    Kaibab recap

    Very nice cape also on that deer.
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    Unit 1 Elk Report

    1 and 5BS both have lots of tags. Too many if you ask me.
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    Help Needed Designing New Binoculars

    +1 to deadeyebob. Wrong market to get into right now IMO.
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