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    For Sale Yamaha BW 200

    Great hunting rig, huge rear rack, great shape. 2800$ Russ 801-860-9333
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    Yamaha TW 200

    Stew stick to wheelers with BLACK rims. :)
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    Yamaha TW 200

    Great hunting bike, electric start good tires. $2800 Located in No Utah 801-860-9333
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    Poachers, makes me sick

    ONE YEAR hunting ban??
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    Unit 73 deer

    Been checked twice, third creek, etc.
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    Unit 73 deer

    Tons of pressure, leave your atv home or it will get a free tuneup.
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    deer unit 90-1 question

    Little off topic but do you remember the baby blue matching shirts from those guy on the NV elk hunt?
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    tag just showed up?

    My brother drew the 221-3, mid season just started the research.
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    NR general deer tags....GONE!

    Deer tags are gone or ELk??
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    tag just showed up?

    He called and they said it was a turned in tag. Website says he never drew.
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    tag just showed up?

    My brother was unsuccessful in Nv draws but a deer tag just showed up with no explantion or email?
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    Yamaha TW 200

    I've had them all, BWs, TWs, Honda fatcat. That 350 BW wasn't the ticktet, it sat taller and was too heavy. The TW is a good hunting set up or a Honda 230.
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    Bino harness system?

    I've abused my Kuiu with zero problems.
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    Few elk pics

    Ut their a good thing, keeps them out of the way of REAL hunters.:)
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    Draw results?

    drew elk sweet
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    drew elk nr

    yes emails are coming
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    Scored a tag! Anyone else?

    Boy got lope.
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    Wyo Draw

    No luck for me boy drew antelope.
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    Idaho needs a point system now

    I'm with you Blank no points but make the waiting period longer, but the f@g like that NR hunting licence $.
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    101-109 late Season deer

    Lots of bad genetics, 3x4s etc.
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    Lifetime tag or LE tag

    I'm like Ridge, I've always had gs tags never not drawn. Picked up a couple of elk and deer hunts, and one sheep.
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    WIN a Pack! Easy to Enter!

    I want that pack on my back!
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    Ok... Who drew a tag

    Got mine and email.
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    That's what I'd like to know.
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    More Tag Welfare by UT DWR

    If you can't beat them join them??
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    UTAH CWMU Bally Watts

    My brother hunted it last year, as were friends with the landowner,and live next door. Lot's of bad genetics, with crabby fronts. The management bucks were more impressive than anything I saw. Go on the late dates and hope for snow. Bigger bucks are on the property late as per sheds that are...
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    Nice Video

    Yes his work is topnotch!
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    Henry Mountain Mule deer rifle tag

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    Best Bino/Pistol Harness

    Love kuiu it's light and simple.
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    Wyoming Guides can No Longer Scout for Outfitters???

    Tell your grandpa that.
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    Draw Results

    No go for me.
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    Utah Cactus Buck tag

    How many points did it take you to draw??
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    Wyoming Guides can No Longer Scout for Outfitters???

    Like I've said before if founder started renting LR rifles for Wy, they would get banned.
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    game meat

    Good idea, better than have it sit in a guys freezer for a dozen years.
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    Nevada draw results

    No go for me
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    New Kuiu?

    It's all about the stretch,"two way, three way four way" that stretch is nice around the crotch and thighs.
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    Bess. Stay with us Brother

    He's probably out giving up "tune ups" they've been out in full force since covid hit. :)
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    Manti early rifle elk

    270 to 300 would be the average.
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    Utah Draw Results!

    I got a 4o hit but still no email?
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    Beaver, Southwest Desert, Monroe, Mt Dutton

    Sorry guys the DWR said MORE deer were killed on the five day hunt. I DONT believe it! I like 3pt or better for 2 years max,
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