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    Wyoming checkerboard lands Purchase

    I like the idea, but doubt it will happen. There will still be corner crossing issues, but much better than know. I don't see the state treating in any different than current state owned lands.
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    Siskiyou Bull Elk

    Wow, memories from the past. I never come to the California forum. Was bored and decided to check it out and glad I did. I grew up in Siskiyou County. Lived at the base of Willow Creek Mountain for a lot of years before we moved to town (Yreka). Hunted that mountain many, many times as a kid...
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    Wyoming Area 90 deer

    Be glad to help out. Check your inbox, I sent a PM.
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    Wyo Draw

    Congrats, 89 should be a fun hunt.
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    Wyo Draw

    Last year my second choice was in the 90s% and 3rd choice was 100%. I must not of studied very hard.
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    Wyo Draw

    Oh look another NR who knows everything about Wyoming. Want to see my draw odds for second choice? Don't make yourself look foolish. Have you stepped foot in those areas you "seen" the draw odds in? Want to bet the odds you are looking at are mostly private, or at best have access issues.
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    Wyo Draw

    Nothing for me not even second choice antelope. Pretty sad when a resident can't even draw antelope. It's been 9 years for a LQ elk, 8 for deer and 7 for 1st choice antelope. It's time for 90/10 split across the board on all species.
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    Cold Hand Problems

    First lite or Kuiu down mittens will solve your problem. Buy a little bigger size than needed and add lightweight wool liners for extreme cold temps. I own the kuiu down mittens and can honestly say my hands have never been cold while wearing them. They aren't built with heavy material so be...
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    Wyoming non res tag quota decrease

    I for one don't want to get rid of NR hunters. I have met and enjoy some great people who are NR. Heck, my father is a NR. I just feel Wyoming should make it a 90/10 split across the board for all big game species. Not sure how many businesses will go bankrupt by doing this.
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    WTB Muzzleloader T/C, CVA

    Sent you a PM
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    How many points for G & H this year?

    I believe most NR think every resident hunter heads to G or H during the deer season. From my experience most residents have no desire to hunt either of these units and concentrate more on elk than deer. It's also my experience that I see far more out of state plates in these units than...
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    Roof Top Tents

    Way cool set up!!
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    Trophy Buck on the Wall Photo Contest!

    Show off!! Beautiful trophy room.
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    POLL: What binoculars are you using?

    10x42 Swarovski around the neck and 15x56 Swarovski on the tripod. Swarovski spotter for fine details.
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    Draw Results

    I'm not sure 9 points will do it this year but I could be wrong. I hope you draw...
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    Crispi vs. Kenetrek

    There have been lots of Crispi boots on Camofire lately. Can't beat the price..
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    Draw Results

    Man, a bet NRs will see major point creep in 34. Seems like everyone is putting in. Should be interesting to see.
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    If you had the points would you go unit 34 or 89

    Shane, I bet you are more confused then when you started this post. Good luck and keep me posted if you draw.
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    What bipod do you use?

    I wish Harris made a quick disconnect model. It would be much easier getting it into/out of a scabbard while hunting on horseback. I just can't justify spending $300.00+ on a bipod.
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    Nevada Unit 231 deer landowner tag for sale

    I would love to have a 231 deer tag again, but will more than likely never happen. My experience there was great and never had an issue with guides, sub-guides, or other hunters. I hunted hard and killed a deer on the eighth day. Good luck in selling your tag, it will make someone a happy hunter.
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    Grizzlys expanding their range in G.

    I have seen Grizzlies and Wolves in and around the Hoback canyon so it only makes sense they are in G. Thanks for sharing...
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    Living in or near Star Valley

    It's a beautiful place and if you like the outdoors no better place I can think of. Yes it's spendy, but it is cheaper today than it will be 2,5, or 10 years from now. If you can swing it move on out and see for yourself. If you don't like it your property will be worth more than what you paid...
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    221-223 late Elk

    Thank you buckhorn, PM sent.
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    221-223 late Elk

    PM returned and thank you very much.
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    221-223 late Elk

    Maybe your reading comprehension is lacking, or you're just ignorant. Show me in any of my posts where I've bashed on NR. I will be patiently waiting! I stand behind what I have said. Wyoming needs to go to a 90/10 split, i dislike founder's scouting service, wish they would do away with the...
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    221-223 late Elk

    Your feelings hurt? Weird?
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    221-223 late Elk

    Returned and thank you.
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    Antelope regular or special

    Tracker, check your inbox.
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    221-223 late Elk

    As stated already I ended up drawing 221-223 late elk. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some information. I've heard 221 is better than the other 2 units but not sure how accurate that is. Do the elk move into this country later in the season, or is it pretty much a resident...
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    Book Cliffs Archery

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    Wyoming Guides can No Longer Scout for Outfitters???

    Oh so you pay for all the supplies, horse and do the scouting. Just what me and the buddies do too. Waiting....🤢
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    Wyoming Guides can No Longer Scout for Outfitters???

    Buddies before or after sharing points? Still waiting......🤢
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    Wyoming Guides can No Longer Scout for Outfitters???

    Now lets hear how many points you have shared with people like "Scott", or helped after their points dried up. Are you going to answer the other questions I asked? Not sure if this will help you answer but since you like to use so many here ya go😀🐔🤑🤢
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    Wyoming Guides can No Longer Scout for Outfitters???

    Let's be honest they are not your hunting buddies. This is a term you use to make yourself feel better. You use them, period. Tell us how many points you shared with these buddies so they could have a deer, elk or antelope tag. How many of these new buddies have you helped after the points were...
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    Wyoming Guides can No Longer Scout for Outfitters???

    Txhunter, I think when most talk about not liking people from Utah, Colorado, Texas, etc. It's more about their ethics, or lack thereof. Personally, I have no issue with individual(s) from other states and have met some great people, with great ethics, from outside of Wyoming. BUT, I have had...
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    Nevada draw results

    I drew late elk 221-223 but not sure about the tag. With everything going on in life I wondering about this tag. Any thoughts?
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    Nice buck

    He's a lot bigger than nice to me! Stud of a deer. Anymore pictures?
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