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    Few elk pics

    A few pics from the ranch I hunt this past week here in Montana, looking nice right now, but here in Montana, we are never more then 2 weeks away from a drought in the summer time....
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    Spring in Montana

    Spring rains have come at a great time, hopefully they continue into this summer.
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    Spring in Montana

    I had the opportunity to get out to the ranch I am hunting here in Montana this past weekend. Things are looking pretty nice, grass has greened up nicely, still snow on the Crazies, creeks are running good. The area even has received some much needed moisture the last few days. We saw quite a...
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    Montana Hunting Clubs?

    I would like to hear from anyone who has been part of a hunting club here in Montana. Myself and a small group of like minded people are forming a not for profit hunting club here. We have arranged leasing a sizeable ranch for hunting and fishing. We are keeping members to a minimum. Most of the...
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    Hunting lease insurance

    Any one have a good agent they work with in the rocky mountain are who provides hunting lease insurance for large ranches. Most I have spoke to are back east and I would rather find someone to work with in Montana or a neighboring state. It is just a small group of guys, not outfitting or...
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    Montana archery elk for Alaska salmon and deep sea fishing

    Looking to trade do it yourself hunting for archery elk here in Montana for some ocean fishing in Alaska. Ranch is over 45,000 acres all deeded, it sits in hunting district 570, it requires either the 570-20 or 900-20 archery tag which has already been drawn for this fall. It is common to see...
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    Having large aerial map made....

    Can anyone share knowledge of any businesses that specialize in producing a large aerial map of a hunting area? I have onXmaps and contacted them but they do not have anyone they work with to produce these. I am not the most computer savy person, so any help in appreciated, thanks.
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    900-20 Elk hunting....

    Just curious of those that hold the 900-20 tag, you hunt public land or private, or both? Thanks.
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    Any experience with Non Profit Hunting Clubs

    Myself and a couple friends are involved with leasing a large ranch here in Montana and are considering a non profit hunt club. It would be limited to 10-14 individuals, there is 45,000 deeded on the ranch. As part of the club, we would host youth mentor and veteran hunts a few times through out...
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    Montana elk and whitetail hunting

    Looking to swap Montana elk and whitetail hunting for Alaska fishing. If you put in for the Montana draw we can do 2019 if you draw, otherwise 2020. This would be for 1 or 2 depending on what you have in Alaska. I have 18,000 acres of private ground that is controlled tightly and very good elk...
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    Warriors Hunt

    Helped host a cow elk hunt for our service members of the military here in Montana near Big Timber with Montana Warriors On The Water near Big Timber, MT. We hosted 5 veterans, 2 of which were Purple Heart recipients thru the FWP's Purple Heart program in which folks can donate back their...
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    Leasing hunting land in Montana?-

    I am looking at leasing over 11,000 acres here in Montana. Ranch includes elk, deer, antelope, bear, and lions along with great trout fishing with 2 miles of Smith river frontage. Curious what others have paid for similar leases here in Montana? I am primarily a rifle hunter, and I am thinking...
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