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    Omega stuck primer

    Different primer this time? Sometime all it takes to fix is changing your primer. Some are longer, some shorter ect. The reason it is happening is blowback pressure. Your load creates a lot of pressure. So if changing primers doesn’t work another “fix” would be to install a shim washer under...
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    POLL: What Colorado tags did you end up with for 2020?

    Yes. Pronghorn only for now but hoping for a deer and elk tag by September....
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    Made me a powder horn

    Very nice
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    Blackhorn 209 Powder question

    +3 I clean and then use a light coat of Montana extreme oil. Don’t forget to clean the breechplug with a drill bit!! By hand, not with a drill. Otherwise you will have hangfires/ misfires after a few shooting sessions.
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    Gunwerks releasing a new muzzleloader sight design I was kinda thinking about trying the crosshairs with the small circle in the middle. That should show up well If you will always be hunting out in the open...
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    Gunwerks releasing a new muzzleloader sight design

    You can also use white fingernail polish. But no matter what color You use, they will still be hard to see at dusk and in deep shade.
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    Gunwerks releasing a new muzzleloader sight design Call them to verify, but they should come with a bunch of different inserts including the crosshair.
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    Non toxic muzzeloader loads for elk

    I would try Thor bullets Federal BOR copper bullets are another option but the only size they come in is 270 grs. I just consider 300 gr minimum for elk.
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    Elk bullet

    I was specifically talking about no excuses bullets. You said you couldn’t get them to group. And if you only tried 100 gr of powder, that may have been why. Don’t believe NE make any 300 conicals for 50 cal. I believe 420 is smallest they make. Muzzleloader are not centerfire rifles. It takes...
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    80/20 split, for Nonres/res in every state

    Residents: 90/10 Nonresidents: 60/40 Who would have thunk it ???! 😱
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    Elk bullet

    That may have been why they didn’t group. Even assuming you used 100 gr by volume, that is a STOUT load for a 460 gr conical. My elk load with those bullets was 85-90 gr. The bigger the bullet the less powder you need to use usually with lead conicals. 85 gr of BH 209 with a 460 gr NE bullet...
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    Elk bullet

    I would use a Barnes sabot then How much BH 209 did you use with No excuses bullets?
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    Elk bullet

    What powder and amount? Can you use a sabot? I would consider the federal BOR in 350 gr lead if you can’t use a sabot
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    colorado ballot measure forced introduction of grey wolves

    Maybe time that we have some marches (riots) of our own. Sometimes I just want to shout “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore”
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    Help finding website

    Kinda sounds like you are talking about Jon. Also know on here as FrontierGander
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    “ Blood is in the circulatory system you spill and pull out if you field dress or leave intact if doing "gutless" Not sure what you mean here. Blood will only drain from an animal while the heart is pumping and you have a severed artery somewhere. Once the heart stops, you aren’t going to drain...
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    Hey out of staters!

    Thanks for the offer Thomas. Go for it. Sorry Muley but have to agree to disagree. You can say the same thing about any profession: It’s ok to teach a guy how to hammer and saw, but he has to build his own house? How about fishing. If you go to Alaska fishing, you already know how to fish, so...
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    New Colorado travel restrictions

    Doubt it is all out of staters. Lots of CO people who have been sheltered for too long are running out to the forest. Saw tons of CO people camping when I was there. That said, I will bad mouth ANYONE who treats the forest with disrespect. Don’t really see the need to differentiate where they...
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    powerbelt elr

    This issue of his powder amount with powerbelts is a mute point. He uses 100 gr of BH 209. Nuff said For anyone else out there that uses powerbelts and doesn’t know: they are pure SOFT lead and if you push them too hard they blow up. His statements currently relate to shooting a Thor bullet...
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    CO leftover watch app defunct?

    I hope you are unsuccessful
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    colorado ballot measure forced introduction of grey wolves

    Of courseThe wolf as a species has been in Colorado Naturally before. But what I have heard is that they plan to re-introduce a larger Subspecies that has never been in Colorado in the past. Is that true?
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    ISO Unit 71 cow tag

    Thx. Plan on looking at that too
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    ISO Unit 71 cow tag

    I am looking for unit wide cow elk tag to include unit 71. First rifle preferred. Muzzleloading or 2nd rifle also considered.
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    Out of box most accurate hunting rifle.

    You have plenty of suggestions about brand. I would just add that I would watch for sales and try and pick up a gun for $800-$1000. Should be doable. And don’t skimp on rings or scope! The mounting system and the scope you use are as important if not more than the rifle. That said, I have...
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    Gunwerks releasing a new muzzleloader sight design

    My newest addition to my muzzy collection. 1in 66” barrel, so round balls only! Friend made it for me and has brass front post and buckhorn rear. Shot pretty well after a few practice fliers
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    Gunwerks releasing a new muzzleloader sight design

    The only way I could shoot a muzzy at a game animal at 400 yards with an open sight, even a $1000 one, would be if I got an eye transplant, from an eagle....😜 Anyone wants to shoot well with open sights should read Marley’s posts about long range. Even then, prob only 1 in 100 people are good...
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    Gunwerks releasing a new muzzleloader sight design

    I know they cater to high end guys but I suspect in 2 years either the price will be less or they won’t make them any more.
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    I always take care of my meat properly and process them myself. They never have a “gamey” taste. But I just don’t like the taste of most mule deer. I never have a problem with whitetail and, as I said, the mature buck I killed in eastern Colorado last year tastes great. No sage out there!
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    Gunwerks releasing a new muzzleloader sight design

    Granted, but most people with money want to see something significantly better for that kind of price difference. I am just not seeing it. not when there are already sights on the market that perform IMO just as well for much less money
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    I think there is some confusion on definitions. a “gamey” taste me is when any animal is not cared for properly. (Not gutted right away, not kept clean, not cooled quickly). What that does is allow some bacteria to grow on/ in the meat and “spoil”’it a little. You may be able to prepare it so...
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    CO leftover watch app defunct?

    I saw that. Maybe he is just laying low until August. Hope so
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    71/711 3rd season

    The dates are late so move around until you find some does and there should be some bucks thinking about them by then. Even without snow that means the mid to lower country usually. I doubt you would need horses for that country.
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    CO leftover watch app defunct?

    If they do eliminate the Bots that were purchasing the tag in your name as soon as the tag became available, then his app should be valuable again. Certainly beats me trying to check multiple times per day. “DIY hunts” has one as well but it is $40 I am not looking for a rare tag. First rifle...
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    CO leftover watch app defunct?

    This year I would be interested in an app like this as I am too busy to refresh all day/week. But the website seems dead and states the online name has expired. Anyone know if this will be back up this year? Or if not a good alternative?
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    Those of us that taste the sage and dont like it can’t be dreaming. Must be “different strokes” for taste buds too Just like different people like certain tastes and spices in other foods. I didnt tell anything to I my wife about this last buck and she said: “wow, how come this buck tastes so...
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    Gunwerks releasing a new muzzleloader sight design

    I wouldn’t be interested at half that price. 2 to 3 times what a good scope costs? Really?
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    Let us know how that turns out. You should do a blind taste test. One person prepares them and doesn’t let the other know which is which. I would wager that you will know which is from lower altitude.
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    I have killed 2 mule deer that I liked the taste of (and my wife too). 1 was killed at 11,000 ft on Sept 4th early rifle season. That buck was still in velvet. The other one I killed in eastern Colorado last December (rutting buck). Both tasted great. All others killed in Colorado were not good...
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    Henry Mountain Mule deer rifle tag

    Good for you! Has nothing to do with this conversation, but you should be proud. I use to change my own oil 😎
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    Triple 7 powder

    Yes. And it requires a strong 209 primer. The ones designed for triple 7 will not ignite BH 209
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