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  1. hawkbill

    Idaho Fish and Game ( Sharp Shooters )

    Since the last thread was deleted I thought I would get this reposted and hopefully get a little help with the articles floating around on both subjects. Not only did the IFGD pay out a 1,200,000.00 on one depredation claim to one farmer in south central Idaho, it seems they spent half the...
  2. hawkbill

    Idaho Central Mountain Winter Kill 2019

    I finally got around to downloading pictures. These photos came from one canyon, all taken in a half mile stretch. The central mountains have about 5 ? feet of snow with a very hard and dense snow crust on top. We are finally seeing a little bit of southern exposers opening up, but not fast...
  3. hawkbill

    Colorado unit 44 3rd season

    I have been spending a lot of time over the last 4 years teaching my daughters and wife to hunt. We have shared a lot of great times together in the mountains, but it is time for dad to get in a hunt. I am going to apply for unit 44 3rd season mule deer. I know the last couple of seasons have...
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