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    West Desert / Vernon MZ Deer

    Well, I burned 16 pts to go hunting for deer in Utah - hope it wasn't a mistake. Never hunted with a MZ before, but I've been shooting one for the last three years. Coming down from Alaksa thru SLC. Will rent a jumbo SUV and car camp on the unit. Probably go in between the Sheeprocks and...
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    CVA Shim Kit

    Anyone know who has one in stock? This being for the Accura V2 firing pin/primer "headspace" issue. CVA never has it in stock and I can't seem to find a dealer.
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    Thor Bullets?

    So, I went thru the trouble of buying the sizing pack and I have determined which diameter fits my T/C Omega bore best. I go back to order the 0.503" ones and I see they have a new "one-size-fits-all" Thor bullet. It has four lateral cuts in the cup area. So, does the one-size-fits-all approach...
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    NR LE Muzzy Deer Suggestions?

    Thinking hard about burning 16 NR points. Never hunted with a muzzy, but I've been playing around with an Omega and CVA Accura V2 LR for the past coupla years. Should be good to ~ 150 yds. Looks like I can draw Books, West Desert/Vernon, or Fillmore/Oak Cr. I would be flying from Alaska to...
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    My 2017 Hunt Photos

    My 25 y.o. son drew a Dall Sheep tag (1% draw odds!) for the Tok Management Area. I got to go with. Flew out with 40 Mile Air out of Tok. Hunted towards the end of August in the upper reaches of the Tok River drainage. I ended up drawing a Berners Bay Moose tag - another 1% odds draw...
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    Yellow Legged Frogs

    Hopefully this is readable. Gotta love the landowners response. I see no upside to allowing them to look for this endangered species on their land.
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    Pards Blacktail Buck

    Got to take my old hunting buddy out this past week. He got a big one.
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    Late Elk Hunts?

    The kid (23) wants to burn his points on a late elk hunt this year. I've been looking at 1/2B/2C, 23 and 27 and think he can draw with 8 points. Anyone have some insights they'd be willing to share?
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    Hunter Passes on a Buck of a Lifetime

    A hunter in Ohio recently passed up a buck of a lifetime. I don't blame this hunter, I too would have been awe struck with the sight of this beauty, I believe it may be conveying a message to all humanity and I applaud this hunters? ?sportsmanship?, for his decision to spare this wonderful...
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    My 06 Late Buck

    I drew a late deer tag for area 06 (NW of Elko) in Nevada. I flew down from AK to hunt the last 5 days of this hunt (Nov 1-5) as I wanted to catch some of the rut activity. The first winter storm of the season rolled in the day after Halloween, and I was able to harvest my first decent muley the...
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    My 06 Late Buck

    I drew a late deer tag in the guided draw (had 6pts and this was the 3rd choice) for area 06 (NW of Elko) in Nevada. I flew down from AK to hunt the last 5 days of this hunt (Nov 1-5) as I wanted to catch some of the rut activity. The first winter storm of the season rolled in the day after...
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    SLC area taxi recommendation

    Looking for a taxi Recommendation in the SLC area. This would be for a mule deer. I'm heading back to SLC from Elko with a late season buckaroo. I'll get some pix posted up soon. TIA ~ MM (Posted on taxi forum also)
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    Taxi Recommendation in SLC area

    Looking for a taxi Recommendation in the SLC area. This would be for a mule deer. I'm heading back to SLC from Elko with a late season buckaroo. TIA ~ MM
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    Drew 061-068 Late

    I'm so stoked!!! Had 6 pts and it was my 3rd choice. Was out shootin' my 264 yesterday in anticipation. Going with the 120 TTSX @ 3,250 or 130 Accubond @ 3,100.
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    Precipitation Data

    Most would say good moisture leads to good plant grow leads to good antler development. Drought is bad. So, do folks look at precipitation data when you apply? I've been using the NOAA precipitation page for quite a few years now. I generally look at the 90...
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    When do Deer go hard horned.

    When do deer in the Books usually go hard horned? Hopefully, during the muzzy season.
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    Antelope Island Bison

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-02-13 AT 10:30AM (MST)[p]Allright, which one of you Utards was this? Man lucky to escape with his life after provoking one-ton beast into ramming him against fence...
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    New Snow Camo Outfit Idea

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    Detailed Unit Maps/Boundaries

    All I can seem to find is a crude PDF with the unit boundaries. Can someone link me to detailed boundary info? I've tried twice on the WYO F&G website and struck out. TIA ~ MM
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    Growacet (new drug)

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    Sasquatch killed on Hwy near Kalispell

    Actaully, it was a guy dressed in a ghillie suit pretending to be sasquatch. Here's your Darwin award. __________________________________________ A man dressed in a military-style ?Ghillie suit...
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    My Dysfuctnion

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    Wet T-Shirt Picture

    Just checkin' Founder's reaction time.
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    Nevada Sheep Points (RBH)

    So, Nevada used to have 3 sheep species you could apply for - Nelson, Cali, and Rocky. Back in 2008 was the last year you could apply for Rockies. So my points are flat lined at 2 for RBH. I understand that they figured Nelson's were considered Rocky's so there was no need for both species. I'm...
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    CDOW C.C. Processing Trouble

    Anyone else having trouble with the CDOW accpeting credit card payments. I was able to get my son's application processed this past Thursday. I've tried doing my application the past three days with three different cc's that I know are good and keep getting this error message: "Charge not...
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    Hunter Charged under new Felony Poaching Law

    I "poached" this from over on 24HCF ______________________________________ Justice Tracker Colton Lapp Age: 19 Charges: Five counts of felony poaching, several misdemeanors Date of incident: Late December Status: Free on bond What's next: He is awaiting his next court appearance A...
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    What Tatoos say about a Person

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    Whack 'em 'n Stack 'em Alaska Style

    Photo from a couple of weeks ago. Heavy snow pushed the rutting deer onto the beach. Anyone with a boat that wasn't buried in their driveway could go out and fill their 4 tags in an afternoon. Not my idea of hunting - more like harvesting.
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    My Unit 125 Buck

    Well, I shot my first mule deer. Probably not up to Monster Muley standards, but I was happy with it. So a little background. Why did I choose 125 in the first place? Well I was one under max points and I was always going to be one under. Figured I'd never draw 102. Logistics looked easy...
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    To my Vegetarian Friends

    Shamelessly pilfered from another site.
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    NBA Finals Joke

    I bumped into the LebBron last night after the game. I asked him if he had change for a dollar bill. He only gave me 75 cents and said he didn't have the 4th quarter. Then I heard somebody else say they have the 4th quarter. It was Dirk Nowitzki.
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    Navy SEAL Tribute

    and now the rest of the story.... Bin Laden Given Religious Funeral Prior to Sea Burial Published May 02, 2011 Osama bin Laden was given a religious funeral prior to his burial at sea, senior military officials told Fox News. Religious rites were conducted on the deck of the USS Carl...
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    Geography Lesson

    In case you didn't know . . .
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    Channel Surfing

    CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT A WIFE SAID TO HER HUSBAND??!! A husband and wife were at home watching TV. The husband had the remote and was switching back and forth between a fishing channel and a porn channel. She became more and more annoyed and finally said: "For God's sake! Leave it on the...
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    Dear Santa . . .

    Hunter (and extortionist) in training . . . }>
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    Need Pauns Mgmt Tag Advice Pronto

    UDWR just called me at work here in Alaska. Said I'm the next NR alternate for a Paunsaugunt tag. I put in with 7 points. This hunt is Nov 3 - Nov 7 after the Any Weapon Hunt. 3-points on one side is legal, so a 4x3 or 3x3 is what I can shoot. I'm not real desperate for a hunt as I've already...
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    18's Gonna get Wrecked

    I that that little douchebag Kyle has a payback coming in tonites race at Bristol.
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    ATVers getting a bad rap

    From the SLC Tribune political cartoonist no less . . . My all-time "favorite" incident involved me cleaning crab on the beach here in Alaska. A dude comes riding up on this SeaDoo with a rifle slung over his shoulder and asked me if I had seen any bears around. Sheesh.
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    Truck customizing

    The must-have accessory to compliment your truck nutz, pole dancer and piss-on-(whatever) decals. .
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    Vortex Sponsers the Blue Deuce?

    I was looking at the qualifying order for the Coca-Cola 600. Kurt qualified 2nd!!! Saw Miller Lite/Vortex as the sponsor this week. Is this Vortex Optics? That'd be pretty cool . . . I'm a Kurt fan and DEFINATELY not a Kyle fan BTW.
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