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    POLL: What Colorado tags did you end up with for 2020?

    1st rifle elk unit 49. Still have a lot to learn about the unit ....
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    Colorado elk tags mailout

    Got my NR elk tag yesterday .
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    WIN a Pack! Easy to Enter!

    I want that pack on my back!
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    My Utah summer bear

    That's a nice bear .
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    Colorado elk tags mailout

    Still waiting for mine...
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    There up!

    Nothing for me ..
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    Draw results?

    Drew late white-tail muzzy. 10A
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    Scored a tag! Anyone else?

    I'll be in Wyoming in October chasing bucks around....
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    Which one would you take?

    Like # 1
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    Results are up

    Nothing for me , 17 sheep points.
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    Vernon Deer Tag Draw Opportunity

    Just put in ….
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    Tick tock Christmas in June

    Just got hit for a NR elk tag .
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    So what are you in for?

    In for deer only.
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    Which one would you take?

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    Montana results are up!

    Me and my son will be chasing bucks ….
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    My sons 27” 5x4

    That is a great buck.
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    Good luck on CC hits

    I had 13 points for 3A-3C and no luck. 50% chance last year with 10 points. I wonder if the cc hits are really done ??? That's a big point creep, not really a creep , its a jump !!! Anyone draw it with less than 13 point ?
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    They are up!

    Nothing here . Come on Arizona !!!
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    Wyoming Draw

    Nothing for me ...
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    2019 draw results

    Nothing here...
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    Got my deer back

    That's a nice buck ...
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    Results are up..

    Nothing for me...
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    Deer CCs getting hit

    Mine was a Cabela's card.
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    Deer CCs getting hit

    My card just took a hit, $396.75...
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    2018 Colorado Velvet Monster is Back Home

    That's great looking buck...
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    Credit card hits

    Nothing for me . Maybe some luck in Colorado ?..
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    Email's are hitting for Utah results

    Nothing in Utah, waiting on Colorado and Nevada and maybe getting lucky !!
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    2018 Unit 67 4th seaon buck

    That is a great buck...
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    Deer Bonanza in Colorado

    Cold hunts, nice video.
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    Results Are Up

    All red here..
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    Nothing for me ?.
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    Rifle elk tag for me ....
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    I got one last week. The map inside is nice.
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    I think he turned out ok :)

    That's one great buck and mount ..
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    Deer Unit 74 lodging, 2nd season

    RE: Deer Unit 74 lodging, 2nd season Thank you very much , if me or my son happen to get lucky on this hunt I'll make sure all that helped get a picture.
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    Deer Unit 74 lodging, 2nd season

    Deer Unit 74 lodging, 2nd season Me and my son drew unit 74 2nd season as a second chance . I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the area and could recommend a place to stay . Were looking for a motel room that would be close to the hunting area ? We've never been to unit 74 and any help...
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    Results posted

    Nothing for me
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    Unit 40 Anyone

    Can anyone help me with a close room to unit 40 ? Me and my son will be deer hunting the unit for the first time and could use some help from someone that's familiar with the lodging . Or the unit . Please send me a PM Thank you
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    Draw results are on the phone line

    unit 10 muzzleloader for me November 6th to the 12th. I've have the same tag . Good Luck !!
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    CC are getting hit.....

    Got hit this morning for $650. Will be hunting for the first time in Arizona , unit 10 muzzle or 23 late.
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