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  1. Pines_N_Tines

    WIN a Pack! Easy to Enter!

    I want that pack on my back!
  2. Pines_N_Tines

    Bucks for Elkassassin

    That one doesn't count. I can see the high fence in the background. It's clearly a roided up buck.
  3. Pines_N_Tines

    Bucks for Elkassassin

    He is out to the inside of his ears though. In the Elkassassin basin they'd be runnin up to look at him.
  4. Pines_N_Tines

    Sheds everywhere

    yes but I bet your AZ unicorn shed pile is amazing
  5. Pines_N_Tines

    Bucks for Elkassassin

    I was typing while blue hair posted. we think alike
  6. Pines_N_Tines

    Bucks for Elkassassin

    That first one has better width mass and height, but we all enjoy a good trashy non-typical like the one in the second photo. That extra cheater is crazy.
  7. Pines_N_Tines

    Trophy Buck on the Wall Photo Contest!

    I hate to over post my buck, but I keep coming back to this thread to see all the stud bucks and then I go look at mine, so I think I'll post him again so he's in my scrolling pleasure.
  8. Pines_N_Tines

    Trophy Buck on the Wall Photo Contest!

    This is so very wrong. Somebody put a Television in that room. Nobody is going to be watching any TV with that background.
  9. Pines_N_Tines

    2020 Mule Deer Shed Antler Photo Contest - Nice Prize!

    I can't thank Brian and Badlands enough. There were definitely bigger antlers posted, but I can guarantee none of the other pick-ups made someone more excited than my boy got when he found his.
  10. Pines_N_Tines

    Black bear cub

    very unique mount. I love the form you choose.
  11. Pines_N_Tines

    Utah Draw Results!

    I wanted to get on here and make some "enemies" by saying that my 16 year old drew a desert bighorn the year after drawing a rocky mountain bighorn but it didn't happen. Just 2 general deer tags for my boys this year, at least they are rifle tags so they can hunt archery, muzzleloader, and...
  12. Pines_N_Tines

    Which one would you take?

    #1 for me but if I miss due to buck fever from his awesomeness, and he runs away, #2 is in trouble.
  13. Pines_N_Tines

    My first buck

    Congrats. I love the story from a young mans point of view.
  14. Pines_N_Tines

    2019 Muzzy Buck - Back from Taxidermy

    I've used him for 5 mounts and sent some friends to him. I've never been disappointed. He does great work. Your lion is very cool. That's a unique pose I haven't seen before. I like it.
  15. Pines_N_Tines

    Record set of Muley Sheds

    Here are my smallest 2 points. The small brown set with mass is from this year. The other small set with it's weak mass might score similar to yours. It looks hard white but it's a brown set. Here's my smallest 3 point Now the spikes If only I could have found the other side to the inch and...
  16. Pines_N_Tines

    Bighorn sheep complete.

    Congrats on a great mount. That ram has some awesome flare to it.
  17. Pines_N_Tines

    BIKINI clad coeds shooting Muzzleloaders!

    Nice shooting but I'm not a fan of your choice of outfit :)
  18. Pines_N_Tines

    2019 Muzzy Buck - Back from Taxidermy

    No it's facing the right way. I am supposed to get some work done even though I'm home. :)
  19. Pines_N_Tines

    2019 Muzzy Buck - Back from Taxidermy

    I had plans for a half body with rock habitat but I didn't shoot the bigger ones I was after, so I went with the wall pedestal. It turned out great and I'm now satisfied with my hunt.
  20. Pines_N_Tines

    2019 Muzzy Buck - Back from Taxidermy

    If any of you are looking for a quality taxidermist at a reasonable price, that has a great turn around time, Above Camp Taxidermy in Lehi Utah is awesome. I had three animals from 2109 in to be mounted. All would have been done by Christmas if I would have had the funds to have the work...
  21. Pines_N_Tines

    2020 Mule Deer Shed Antler Photo Contest - Nice Prize!

    Here's an ATL and Pick Up of a nice three point with a split hook cheater my 13 year old found this year.
  22. Pines_N_Tines

    Making a Ram Pedestal / Habitat Base

    The mount attachment point is centered towards the rear of the habitat base. The ram's head is off center to the left side of the pedestal and protrudes around 8-9 inches forward or the pedestal. The base octogon from ground up is 5/8" plywood, followed by 2 layers of 2x8' and topped with 3/4"...
  23. Pines_N_Tines

    Double MuleDeer Pedestal Mounts done

    Great looking pedestal mount. I like the contrast of the two hide phases.
  24. Pines_N_Tines

    Fred's Sheds

    200 sheds is killing it. And he found Wilford Brimley's mustache :)
  25. Pines_N_Tines


    Here's a couple of my favorite ATL's
  26. Pines_N_Tines

    How long?

    Even Big horn Sheep meat? I'm not in "real need" but were running out and it is very good:)
  27. Pines_N_Tines

    Earth was a shakin’

    I have to laugh. When I checked on my kids this morning to see if they felt it, my 15 year said ya the bed was shaking so hard and then he looked over and saw his Ram/pedestal shaking so he got out of bed and held his ram. Guess I need to teach about standing under a door frame.
  28. Pines_N_Tines

    Making a Ram Pedestal / Habitat Base

    Great idea. This was my first pedestal/habitat. We kind of learned as we went. Early on we made a sketch of our pedestal vision. This was before we got the Ram mount back from the taxidermist. To hide the all thread at this point I'm thinking of cutting a small juniper round. Then cutting...
  29. Pines_N_Tines

    A Father / Son California Big Horn Sheep Experience

    We finished making the pedestal for my son's ram and got the mount back from Above Camp Taxidery. Here's the ram and a link to the story of building the pedestal.
  30. Pines_N_Tines

    Making a Ram Pedestal / Habitat Base

    The lighting isnt great but here is the finished pedestal with his ram. The only thing left to do is hide the all thread.
  31. Pines_N_Tines

    Making a Ram Pedestal / Habitat Base

    Next we glued in the vegetation and my son's .270 casing that he used to shoot the ram We glued more vegetation on the baqck side and a rattle snake skin we found while scouting.
  32. Pines_N_Tines

    Making a Ram Pedestal / Habitat Base

    Well we went for a drive and got some dirt out towards the kill site. We sifted it and then made a diluted elmers glue spray and layered the dirt up between the rocks.
  33. Pines_N_Tines

    Love you guys!!

    Sorry things are gettin real for you. Maybe have your chick join the relief society and see if this helps.
  34. Pines_N_Tines

    Making a Ram Pedestal / Habitat Base

    All that is left is to add dirt, vegetation, a part of the rattle snake skin and then my sons spent cartridge laying on the dirt as though it had just been ejected. Then the final piece will be to install the Ram and post him for you all to see. I'm excited to complete this for my son.
  35. Pines_N_Tines

    Making a Ram Pedestal / Habitat Base

    The burnt roots were growing on the cliff face right below where I'm standing in this picture. We knew they were unique and we would want them "growing" in our pedestal rocks. We attached a burnt root and added some lichens from rocks near the kill site. We found one exposed rock with...
  36. Pines_N_Tines

    Making a Ram Pedestal / Habitat Base

    We finished carving the rocks so that they would overhang onto the lip of the pedestal and used some spackle to fill in some unwanted gaps. We had to redo one rock because we found out the hard way that you can't spray paint foam insulation without it melting. So after we recarved a rock we put...
  37. Pines_N_Tines

    Making a Ram Pedestal / Habitat Base

    Sorry this project has been taking awhile but we're close to done and have been having fun working on it. First up on our progress we decided where to permanantly mount the stump and mark for a hole to be able to attach the ram to the stump from the underneath. Throughout the summer as my son...
  38. Pines_N_Tines

    My California desert bighorn

    I guess I need to read post titles a little closer. What a stud ram.
  39. Pines_N_Tines

    My California desert bighorn

    That's a top end Cali. As good as you could hope for. Congratulations
  40. Pines_N_Tines

    Supreme Court Threats......

    Homer, your avatar makes me laugh. You've had a couple good ones. Just for someone who might read this in the future his current avatar is a hilarious picture of Hillary Clinton.
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