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    Heavy Hawg Down! Lucky Dude ME!

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    colorado unit 62

    PM sent
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    Colorado Bull Moose 37-371

    Did you get that ram on Pikes Peak? Good luck on your hunt!
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    Bullet type

    Berger bullets are not really premium hunting bullets. Pretty much a thin jacketed target bullet. Not sure if you will generate enough velocity to get much penetration or expansion with the Barnes. Barnes are great bullets but I would agree with most everyone above and recommend the Partition.
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    One more chance for sheep and goat

    That's a shocker that no one on the board won anything. Congratulations to all the winners.
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    2019 kill pics!

    Is that an Weatherby Ultra Light? What cartridge you shoot? Great buck!
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    Which one would you take?

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    Longest sheep tag application drought?

    I've been applying in Colorado since I was 14. 48 now, no tags. Have been applying in Utah, Arizona and Nevada since 2005, no tags.
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    good place to get cheap 300 Wby mag casings?

    Weatherby sells once fired brass on their website while supplies last. 300 is on the list.
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    Turkey shells

    I use 2 3/4" 20 guage Remington nitro pheasant # 5.
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    Looking for a new 7mm Bullet

    Berger's and ELDX's are match bullets with thin copper jackets. Not sure why either are considered hunting grade bullets and don't think either should be chosen for elk, caribou or moose. I would try Barnes or Nosler E Tip unless you plan on shooting past 400 yards which I don't think anyone...
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    Doom and Gloom

    Jeez this forum, and this site to an extent has really become just a bunch of whining. I'm not disagreeing that deer herds in Colorado are hurting but if half of you that complain on these forums actually went to one of the regional meetings then the number of hunters attending would increase...
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    My colorado 3rd season buck

    Great buck! What kind of rifle?
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    Southeast CO later rifle mule deer hunt!

    Great buck! What kind of rifle you have there? Congrats!!!!
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    Colorado Governor's tag buck.

    Great buck! Congrats, way to help out Cole :)
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    Muley Success

    Great buck, what state?
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    Father and son double

    Way to go! What state?
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    Daughter's first muley

    Congrats to her. Nice buck!
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    GMU 50 4th season cow tag

    Tomahawk and Reinecker Ridge will usually be crowded with cow hunters and outfitters but sometimes there are elk in there. I'd check Tarrylall Reservoir area to the west. Also if ATV traffic has died down the flats north of Round Mountain campground on the east can hold elk late season. Good...
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    Finally, unit 62 elk

    Great bull. Congrats, that part of 62 used to be my stomping grounds many years back. I've taken several elk in that area. You did good, congrats again.
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    My 2019 Nebraska Bull!!

    Congrats! That's a bull.of may lifetime's for most of us. Way to go.
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    CO 201 Adventure Begins

    Did you tag out?
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    Utah LE success

    That's an okay bull, haha. Nice, way to go!
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    Come back posts. Number 1

    Incredible, way to go. Congrats!
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    1st Rifle unit 24

    Get as far away from the trails [and there are a lot of them). Most elk will be in the 9,500 to 10,000 foot elevations. Pressure will be heavy a mile or 2 near roads. It's big country in there. Very isolated. You'll see quite a few outfitters in the area. If you can backpack you will do real...
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    General season keeper

    He is a smoker for sure!
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    2019 Archery Buck

    Nice buck, congrats!
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    2019 Muzzle Loader - Deja Vu Buck

    2 really great bucks! Good job.
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    Agree with the above. The roads can get real bad up there with snow or rain. You will need 4 really good and heavy duty chains with a truck. Even with that I've seen a lot of hunters get stuck. Good luck with your tag. It's a fun area to hunt.
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    "The" Elk

    Holy mackerel that's a great bull. Congrats!
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    Grand Mesa moose

    Good job. Congrats!
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    2019 Last Day Bull (pics)

    Great bull!
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    Unit 66 Muzzle Deer

    Good job and great buck. Any other photos of him? Congrats!
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    Unit 3 Muzzleloader Antelope

    Beautiful buck, good job.
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    WIN a Daypack! Easy to Enter!

    I want that pack!
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    Manti LE archery success

    Great bull. Congrats!
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    Rifle Caliber

    7mm Remington here with 175 grain Partitions.
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    Sweet Big Buck Score for Me!

    Way to go Brian, awesome buck!
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