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    Drew deer tag as a alternate, hunt ends 10/31. Spent time in the north egan range, then the east side of Mt Grafton. Then looked at the south end of the egan range near shingle pass. Planning on hunting last week of season. Any ideas and thoughts are welcome in PM. Thanks Russ. I can...
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    piece of work
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    For Sale Yamaha BW 200

    Great hunting rig, huge rear rack, great shape. 2800$ Russ 801-860-9333
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    Yamaha TW 200

    Great hunting bike, electric start good tires. $2800 Located in No Utah 801-860-9333
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    tag just showed up?

    My brother was unsuccessful in Nv draws but a deer tag just showed up with no explantion or email?
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    drew elk nr

    yes emails are coming
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    How do they work?
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    ut deer
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    Are they still packing in No Utah?
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    deer migrations
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    Another One Down - Poaching Case

    another one down.
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    No Child Support = No Hunting

    Here's that bill, do you think are odds will go up?
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    American standoff

    Sorry a little late to the party, did anyone watch this?
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    antelope Island Lots of study and $ spent for only two tag holders? What about the rest of the state?
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    trail cams

    Trail Camera Restrictions Go into Effect August 1 The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) wants remind you that seasonal restrictions on the use of trail cameras go into effect on August 1. The regulation was adopted by the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners last year. In response to the...
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    43 high Country

    Thinking about heading over there this weekend do you think the snow is too prevalent?
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    Bear news
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    not good
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    grizzly attack
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    Hunting etiquette

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-14-18 AT 04:00PM (MST)[p]So it's 5 am and your driving you pickup down a dirt road, a atv pulls up behind you because you don't want beat up your truck, what do your do? A Pull over. B Speed up and beat up your rig. C Roll down your window and give them the finger. D...
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    Tkenz Good to see them making progress
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    grizz hunt
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    Call me crazy, but I've liked the "latch" style on me cheaper tripods ie leupold, vortex, and the "spin wheel" on the slik. Opinions?
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    Not good
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    Last Chance U

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-20-18 AT 03:34PM (MST)[p]Finally some new blood and school. But same language.
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    Wasatch tag surrendered

    Just got a call this am wanting to know if my boy wanted it.
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    I got a email wanting my to participate on facebook with the dwr any one familiar with this??
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    Wall Tent Canvas

    I'm in the midst of building my own truck wall tent, but need quality canvas. Any Ideas where to buy in Ut?? Thanks Russ
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    Best Cop Movie

    I see Heat is on Netflix, DeNiro, Pachino, Seizmore, Kilmore all time classic. Favorite scene DeNiro and Pachino at the diner.
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    Dream Hunt

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    2018 Proc

    Just showed up in Ut.
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    Utah gen elk hunt

    How many tags are they going to offer for all 3 season? Can't find it in Proc.
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    Wy mule deer

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    Resident in two states?

    I saw that a hunter was claiming residentcy in Ut and another state, for the last ten years. Finally got caught and Ut gave him a whoping $280 fine and did NOT suspend his licence??
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    Is there a tripod or system if I'm glassing with my binos on the tipod that can keep at the exact hight and switch to my angle spotter. I have to lower the tripod on the switch and refind the animal.
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    kuiu sale

    There having a sale til the 25?
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    scout to hunt?

    And peolple were banging on founder.
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    Wy Expo buck

    From left to Right, Joshua Coursey, Muley Fanatic Foundation President/CEO accepts a $2500 Reward from Jason Radakovich that was initially presented to Radakovich by the Wyoming Game & Fish Department for his role in the investigation that led to a poaching conviction surrounding one of...
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