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    Anyone in unit 1?

    There are No Big Bulls in Arizona, nor Big Bucks! ;) And it's always hot and there aren't any trees for shade, only cacti🌵.
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    AZ Elk Semi-Live

    It is time! Really enjoying the thread,now go seal the deal!! Best of luck!!!
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    450 archery bull?

    Are there any places, in Arizona, that charge a trespass fee, besides the Boquillas Ranch in 10? This is the second thread with a monster Bull in that area, if it was the "Big Bo" ranch.
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    Good call democrats

    Sodom and Gomorrah, hit with fire and brimstone. California wildfires, same stuff, different times?
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    Good call democrats

    Time to get right with Jesus, he's coming soon!
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    Any one hear of a 430’’ Bull killed on the freeway between Williams and Grand Canyon?

    Who cares about what the road is called, what about the Bull???
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    Any one hear of a 430’’ Bull killed on the freeway between Williams and Grand Canyon?

    Was talking to a guide in Williams three weeks ago. He said a 430-450 bull would be a 50 k paycheck! Dang, I'm not going to afford that, in this or any other universe.
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    Any one hear of a 430’’ Bull killed on the freeway between Williams and Grand Canyon?

    I couldn't find anyone in Williams that had heard of a big bull being killed near town.
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    Any one hear of a 430’’ Bull killed on the freeway between Williams and Grand Canyon?

    The I-64 goes from Williams to the Grand Canyon, running between Unit 10 (west side of highway), 7 West, (East side of highway), and through Unit 9, above the 180. I'll be heading up tomorrow, I know of a guide who lives in the area. I will ask for any details. I'm sure he would have heard of a...
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    Lost the drive.

    I haven't tagged much in 30+ years, still love the hunt. For me, it's about the time with like-minded people. It's been tough since Daddy passed away, but now,my grandson is really into hunting. He's excited to shoot gophers! Gets me going too.
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    battling anteeeeefa

    Sounds like antifa has their $hit together with their tactics. Wannabe's be ready!
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    AZ gov tag produces a public land 470

    I agree with your post, with one exception. There's one elk tag in Arizona that gets raffled, one that goes to the highest bidder. Only two tags in the state that are "for sale", that fund AzGFD. The rest of the tags are in the drawing. AzGFD doesn't get any money from the state, wholly funded...
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    My favorite scene

    Dammm, that's what my ear looked like after the doc cutout the skin cancer. But at least he sewed it up, I wouldn't have been able to put it back together, and I'd have had a limp for weeks!!
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    Cellular trail camera

    I have not found a trail camera that works on T-Mobile. I want to get one for our remote cabin, as a security system, but most that I've found are for Verizon.
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    Wolves History

    Basic info. Don't forget 5S. See, Sight, Shoot, Shovel, Shut-up!
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    Bear size guess?

    Big enough!!
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    Colt Combat Commander

    It's been a while since I bought a similar one, I paid $800, that was for LNIB. In today's market, I think this one would go for nearly that.
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    Early Archery OTC Mulies- AZ

    Try the Peaks area east of Flag.
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    7west with a bow??

    I was in 7 West this week. The water tanks I checked are almost empty, just mud. The couple of tanks that had plenty of water were in the middle of an area being logged (aka clearcut). We really need some good monsoon rain. Plus, locals were telling me it's never been this hot, it was mid-90s.
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    Good day backpack

    Ebrlestock Dragonfly.
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    Trophy spike down!

    Congrats! Just think, if he'd only had one antler, you could tell the grandchildren that you killed a unicorn!
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    Meat Hunter

    In Arizona, tag is attached to the antlers, so you need to take the antlers with the meat. Most of my hunting is in Arizona. Put Bull first choice, cow second. Usually pull a cow tag. Deer here in Az. is antlered only. I was taught that any time you're hunting, the animals are gifts from God...
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    News from CPW Sportsmen's Roundtable meeting

    Woofs? We don't need no Stinking Woofs! In Az., they're All coyotes, some just bigger than others, right?
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    What do you think of this bull?

    Thanks for the education in Antler Math! Rookie Bull hunter here, this is simple and helpful!
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    Good deer?

    Very nice buck, I'd send it!
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    Poor baby snowflake......

    My apologies if I didn't spell that first line correctly, my Vietnamese isn't great.
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    Poor baby snowflake......

    Do mah sin loi, talon! You put this on yourself, now reap what you have sown!
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    Remington BDL Model 700 in 243 sighting in issue

    Another vote for copper fouling remover. Verify the scope mount screws are not touching the barrel threads- another vote for that. Also, check the front sling screw, be sure it is not touching the barrel. Maybe try taking off the stock, clean the barrel chamber to be sure no gunk build up is...
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    Youth hunters

    Whichever make, model, caliber you get, if it's a youth sized stock, try to make sure there are full length stock available as the child grows. Either Savage or Ruger used to sell a youth package that included both stocks, not sure if that is still an option. If I remember correctly the...
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    Then we have the teacher's union

    My daughter's contract, for teaching 6/5, meaning she's teaching one more class than is required, is 44k. That is not including what the school district is paying for some small part of her insurance, or retirement package. Now factor in all of that, not close to 90K. Then divide by all the...
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    This building has 2X3, and 2X4 galvanized steel frame, and is engineered to handle 100 mph winds, 60 inch snow load.
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    I looked online for a couple of years, finally decided on an Absolute Steel building. We're using a 24 X 40, plus an 8X40 covered porch. Cost for the building only, including assembly crew deliver and assemble, was less than 18K.
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    No China products or food

    Chuck Fina!!!
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    Then we have the teacher's union

    It's the union leadership, mostly. The in the classroom teachers, like my daughter, want to be in the classroom with "her" kids. The teachers aren't all snowflakes. Also, they do practice "active shooter drills", and my daughter's principal asked her to concealed carry on campus.
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    Monsoon 2020?

    We did get a 6 inch rain the other day..... 6 inches between rain drops! Hahahaha! I also heard an old cowboy say " that part in the Bible, where God had it rain for 40 days and nights, well, Arizona got about 10 inches during that spell."
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    Bernie Confirms Party's Intent

    I feel that if the whole party is tied to this d-bag, I'm going to only vote Republican. I'll do my little part to keep the America I grew up in for my grandchildren.
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    AZ Scouting Trip

    Looks like 17B.
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    Disabled daughter's 2019 WY mule deer hunt

    You are one Heck of a Father!!!
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    Do as I say not as I do

    No rock fighting, no knuckle sandwiches. They use phrases like " Your words hurt me", "That's not fair, why don't we all get a trophy". I hope I have successfully reprogrammed my grandson, he doesn't say that c-rap anymore.
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    The Revolution Is Winning

    This just proves that Kasich is a career politician, doing anything to stay relevant and in a position. He is not standing for his principals. If he were standing up for his principals, he wouldn't be supporting the democratic party. Kasich was pro life, Dems plank in their platform is abortion...
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