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    Spot the Buck Quick or Ballroom Dancing it is!

    Took this last October
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    Vernon deer

    >PM sent Thanks shadow, appreciate your info
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    Vernon deer

    >A few outfitters stand out on >the Vernon. Shane Scott is >one of them. Is your >dad a Resident and how >many points? NR 17 points
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    Vernon deer

    Looking for advice on an outfitter for Vernon rifle or muzzle hunt this upcoming season. My dad (age 66) has the points to draw either and I'd like to give him the best chance possible at a good buck. Is there an outfitter or two that stand out in that area? Thanks for any info
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    Antelope mountain (beaver)

    To clarify, I'm looking for info on the Beaver unit. Wondering about antelope mountain in the north west portion. Looks from google earth that it could be pretty dry, is there even water in that country?
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    Antelope mountain (beaver)

    Looking for an out of the way place to hunt general rifle deer. Any one familiar with antelope mountain? Does it hold deer? Trying to avoid the thousand other people that will out there. Willing to trade info on Colorado and Nevada for deer. PM welcome Thanks.
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    Antelope picks with score please

    This one is 79-6/8"
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    Ochoco Antelope

    You'll have to do some digging, but there is a large chunk of ground directly east of Post where I saw several very large bucks several years back. It's not BLM or forest but I was told at one time there was some sort of walk in access. Kind of vague but may be worth looking into, maybe someone...
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    Unit 45 goat

    Thanks wytex, sent back
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    Unit 45 goat

    Anyone have contact info for any landowners in 45 that charge a trespass fee? Tried chamber of commerce and f&g and neither give a list as I've seen suggested here. I know it's largely private, it's just an extra if my October deer hunt is slow. Any help appreciated! Thanks
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    Kodiak deer?

    Anyone know how the deer fair on kodiak this winter? Headed up for my first time in 2019. Hopeing for a few mild winters
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    Bucks on the hoof today

    >Oh ya, all these bucks are. > PM sent
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    Unit 90 or 100

    >Nogoodtags, that is a nice buck >and great photo. (antelope field >photos can be tough to >get right) Do you have >any specs on that buck? >How long? bases? score? Again, >well done! Had to be >a great day with your >son. > > Thanks , we had a great time with the whole family wife...
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    Late hunt on Crawford

    Anyone out there this year willing to share a report? My dad may have enough points to draw next season, wondering if the deer came in there with the mild fall?
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    Unit 90 or 100

    PM back
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    Unit 90 or 100

    Took this buck in area 100 this year, PM me if your still considering 100, private land is not a problem there
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    Unit 22 Mule Deer - 2nd Season (HELP!)

    >Thanks for all the help everyone. >I finally found a deer >to shoot. Not the Monster >I had hoped for, but >it was a tough season >by all accounts. > >Do the deer normally migrate into >22 earlier in the year? > PM sent
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    Colorado unit 30 deer

    Pm sent
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    Area 100 antelope

    Headed out the 14th, wife and 3 kids (5,6,+8). This is the first time taking kids on a trip like this, looking for a good place to camp. Most antelope country is void of trees, and exposed to the wind, so looking for any recommendations on a good spot. Looking to show them good numbers of goats...
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    X7B archery

    Thanks for the pointers, unfortunately I spent Sunday AM in the fog. Bummer when you only have two mornings, and a five hour drive. Hope to get back July 9th, looking forward to it.
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    X7B archery

    Spent this morning scouting, and figuring out the unit. Found plenty of bucks at first light down low around the reservoirs, all close and two steps from cover. Not how I'd like to archery hunt them. Hiked to a saddle between Boca and Verdi peak where I could glass a ton of great looking country...
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    X7B archery

    I should have an archery tag here soon, never been there other than looking up those big nasty canyons off Hwy 80 and thinking "there has to be something good up there". Any info would be appreciated, will trade info for Nevada Utah Colorado if interested. Not looking for a monster, would like...
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    Unit 54 camping / deer info

    Pm sent
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    CO GMU 54 Muley 3rd Rifle?

    Sent PM
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    How wide is this one?

    Those ears are as small as they get! Not to mention pushed forward, I'd be surprised if he's over 25"
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    161-164 early deer

    Thanks brownie Sent one back
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    161-164 early deer

    Thanks velvet. If there is an archer out there with a tag this year that wants to swap info I'll let you know what I find scouting if you want to report back after your hunt is over? Not trying to take the biggest deer on the unit, happy with 160' s. Any one interested can PM Thanks
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    161-164 early deer

    Headed out the 17th to get the lay of the land, and find a few places to concentrate for the hunt. I've heard it's beautiful deer country up high and I can't wait to see it. Wasn't planing on hunting the wilderness, to stay more mobile. I have several areas on the map I want to check out in the...
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    unit 16 deer map

    Thanks for the info!
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    unit 16 deer map

    Looking for a map that shows all or most of area 16, at least the relevant areas for deer. I usually use mytopo, but it takes 4 maps to cover that area. I know its a large area but does anyone know of a map that covers it. Appreciate any help.
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    Colorado Help!!

    Hunted 2008,2009 3rd season, did ok for a second choice tag. Not sure how much different second season is but ill share what I know. Aaron 831-214-4244
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    065 muzz muledeer

    Got nothin to help your scouting efforts, but as a taxidermist I can tell you that I mounted a buck out of there that was my biggest muley of 2012 season. IT WAS A STUD!!! As if you needed a reason to get excited...
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    Unit 30

    Sorry about that 831-214-4244 let's try that
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    Unit 30

    You can call me at 831-21-4244 Aaron
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    Unit 30

    I'll look for my map and get back to you. I have a very specific spot that is a must. Hunted 2nd season once and got a decent buck but won't hunt it again due to the fact that most deer were hanging on the ridge tops and every ridge top that held deer had a road. It was hard to find deer on...
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    Drew NV 231 Deer

    Turn it in If you come on here and ask that question you shouldn't have that tag I have 14 pts and didn't draw. Consider yourself lucky
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    Tule Elk Hunt at FHL

    I had the archery tag at the end of October , and would be glad to help. Give me a call Sunday afternoon or evenings during the week. 831-214-4244
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    Colorado Deer Governors Tag Help

    Stick it out around eagle. I'm a taxi in California, but I have a customer with a gov. Tag. He's been in eagle for a week and passed on two bucks over 200. A 215 type just yesterday. That is the spot right now!
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    Gunnison Basin Hunt in 2014

    >>Thank you to those that posted >>info and personal opinions on >>the Gunny Basin. To the >>rest that want to ridicule >>and make assumptions, I regress. >> Thank you!
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