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    When i took my oldest daughter to Hunter Ed., the instructor told us to never waste meat, especially the liver. I've never been able to stomach eating liver. The instructor said it was all how you prepared it. He never gave us a recipe. Anyone got any suggestions for preparing liver so that it...
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    Slik 522- Opinions

    I am looking at getting a new, lightweight, packable tripod that will fit in a daypack. i am mounting binoculars, currently Vortex Razor 10X42. The Slik CF522 seems like it fits my needs. I'd like your opinions, or recommendations. I need to keep the overall collapsed length at 18 inches. Thanx...
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    AZ. DIY HUNTS ???

    Greetings. New member, long time browser. Finally decided to join, hoping for some help with a question. Has anyone used the AZ DIY hunting map/scout packages, or similar packages? Are they basically a general "start your scouting here", or the same basic information from the AZGFD website? Thanx!
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