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    Rokon Package deal

    Bump it up. Had a buyer. Fell through. I am interested in some partial trade options plus cash as well. Looking for a quality pair of 15 or 18X binos, quality night vision scope, Flir scope, youth hunting rifle, quality 6.5 CM, bow mount trolling motor (Minn Kota terra nova Etc), fish...
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    43/39 fire info

    Check inciweb.
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    Rokon Package deal

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    Rokon Package deal

    Sorry, Yakima, WA. So I will go 5 hours any direction.
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    Rokon Package deal

    I am willing to travel to meet a buyer. I love the road. Go as far as Boise, ID.
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    Rokon Package deal
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    Looking to buy Recreation Land N. Idaho?

    Guys, I could really use your advice. My wife and I are looking to buy some land with or without a cabin in North Idaho. If without, we will build one. I do not usually hunt North Idaho but I know there is good WT and elk In some areas. The wife wants lake front, I want something a little...
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    Wanted rokan

    I have one I have been planning to sell. It needs a new motor. I have been told that is about 300 bucks. I have a 97 Rokon with an aluminum cargo trailer to tow behind it, snow chains and a cargo trailer to haul it and the the aluminum trailer. I was going to ask 4K for all of it when...
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    Wyoming land owner tag questions

    Thank you guys for the help. Frankly, I believe in public access to public lands for all of us. I hat that landowners can lock us out. This may give me an opportunity to open up 2 1/2 sections of public land to all of you. If I can pull it off. But for my money to go into it, I would like to...
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    Wyoming land owner tag questions

    Thank you for the reply. How do they calculate animal use days?
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    Wyoming land owner tag questions

    Hello all, I am thinking of trying to buy some property in WY. I am a non-resident, I know that you have to own at least 160 acres to qualify for landowner tags. I heard that you are eligible for 2 tags per species found on your property. With those tags, can you hunt the state land in the...
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    1st Pronghorn Buck, courtesy of WY :)

    Please tell us you kept that cape. That is the prettiest cape I have ever seen. That is really nice. Mike Henne
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    I will most likely be taking you up on this great offer later this year. Love my print! Mike Henne
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    Idaho trail riding

    Rokon! Mike Henne
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    Stinky Pronghorn

    I am not a taxidermist, not a tannery, just a customer.....if my taxidermist mounts my cape with scent glands or remains thereof still stinking than it is on him. He should not mount it that way. I do not give a crap whose fault it was. I am selecting a taxidermist and paying him, not a...
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    Showstopper prints are awesome

    My photos do not do the art justice but you get the idea. Mike Henne
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    Showstopper prints are awesome

    Look at how clear the photos are. Really sharp images. Mike Henne
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    Showstopper prints are awesome

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-24-18 AT 10:49PM (MST)[p]Hey guys, I am not one for advertising someone's product but I think this product is special. I sent a bunch of pics to Showstopper Prints (advertised here on MM) from my 2017 antelope hunt with my 5 year old son, the antelope was no trophy but the...
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    Hunting Season Montage Video

    Really cool. Who is singing? Mike Henne
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    Idaho Archery elk otc

    I try not to get into these debates much, but talk of going to permit only disgusts me. If you want to be the only guy on the mountain then buy your own mountain. Mike Henne
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    Looking for a late season elk guide

    Thanks for the info.. my partner and I drew 23 in 2016 so we only have a couple points each. Another guy has 7 or 8, not sure about the others. I will have to look at what 45 needs. I will look at Wapiti Ridge too. Mike Henne
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    Trespass (sportsman entrapment) bill

    It sounds like the sportsman of Idaho,need to find Republican replacements for Judy Boyle and Mark Harris. Mike Henne
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    Looking for a late season elk guide

    Well, I think my friends and I are finally going to break down and book a guided elk hunt. It has nothing to,do with our skill levels. One is an elk,guide in WA and my buddy and I have horses and have packed into WA, ID and MT backcountry many times. We just want a relaxing hunt where someone...
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    Remington custom shop KS mountain rifle. 300 WBY mag with ammo

    When you get them back you might want to run a black light over them. Sounds weird to me. Mike Henne
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    Weatherby moving to Sheridan, WY

    I hope it is a good thing. If they hire local people. My fear would be a bunch of Californians moving up there. Mike Henne
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    Thinking of hunting Unit 28 in December

    Yes, that is the hunt I am considering. I should have been more clear. I just cannot stand having a tag, an open season and sitting at home. Mike Henne
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    Thinking of hunting Unit 28 in December

    I still have an ID deer tag and I am too addicted to quit for the year. I was looking at Unit 28. Does anybody have any info they would b willing to share AND does anybody want to hunt it with me? I would most likely just hunt a few days from a motel. Mike Henne
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    Spurgeon buck

    I think the issue is more about possession of the the world record buck. As long as Darner possesses it they will not recognize it. Even if he did not harvest it he would surely benefit from it. Photos, tours, etc. Mike Henne
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    Is anybody hunting wolves?

    I would think a year like this would show a lot of hunting success. Anybody hunting them? Any success? Pretty quiet around here. I have been thinking of making a trip over to take shot at it. Any thoughts? Mike Henne
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    HR 621 and 622 just the beginning

    This makes me physically ill. Mike Henne
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    Unit 41 Deer

    Stud! Where is the story? Mike Henne
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    Looking for company on a late season elk hunt

    Dang! Nice bull. Thanks everyone. Finally made it home. Had to take the wife to dinner. Tomorrow, butcher taxidermist and mechanic. Yep. Mechanic😒 I had to chain up all four to get out of the hills. Severed the lines to both ABS sensors in the front end. Did something wrong. Chained up many...
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    Looking for company on a late season elk hunt

    Thanks guys. I am in Twin Falls, ID now. Headed home. Bitter sweet. I had 8 days to hunt but with all the weather warnings it was pretty nerve racking. I spotted four elk feeding on a ridge over two miles away. Thought I saw one with horns. They were just feeding into a little draw. Finally...
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    Looking for company on a late season elk hunt

    Bull down everyone. A 6 point but not huge. Tough out here in this wind. More details later. Mike Henne
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    Looking for company on a late season elk hunt

    Thanks Robb! I sent you a message. Check it and call me. Still on the road from WA State. Just passed through Rawlins. Slow going. Been driving since 0445 this morning. We have about another hour to go. Weather looks good here compared to what we went through earlier. Mike Henne
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    Looking for company on a late season elk hunt

    Thanks again. I will throw it out here one more time. If you get bored and wanna come help spot elk give me a call. Staying at the cabins in Alcova. 509-424-9919 Mike Henne
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    Looking for company on a late season elk hunt

    Thanks guys. Getting pretty nervous. Snow coming today and I leave in the morning. May make for a hairy drive. Mike Henne
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    Aarons Wyoming 32 goat pics

    Would like to see more pics of that 1st one. Any idea what he scored? Mike Henne
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    Looking for company on a late season elk hunt

    I am headed to Unit 23 later this week for an elk hunt. I was there earlier and by buddy killed a bull. I am going back until the end. Was thinking that if someone familiar with the area wanted to tag along it would probably help a lot. I will be staying at the lodge in Alcova and heading up...
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    Late Season Elk Stalking

    Experience and luck is going to make you successful. Get out and hunt! Mike Henne
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