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    For Sale Kowa Highlanders (fluorite) Binoculars

    Kowa Highlanders with the Prominar Flourite lenses with 32 wide eye pieces along with a neoprene protective cover. Also Included is a cannon power shot A2500 camera and a tines up scope cam adapter. This set up is in perfect shape. 3500.00 OBO
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    300 REM Ultra Mag Nosler Custom Ammo

    Up for sale is 2 boxes of 300 Remington Ultra Mag Custom Nosler Ammo 180 Gr Partition 175.00 shipped
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    Have two boxes of Remington 300 ultra mag ammo for sale.. 185.00 shipped
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    Scored a tag! Anyone else?

    Our group scored a Region G deer tag.
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    It’s a great shooting rifle for a 7.9 lb rifle. Personally i like a little heavier rifle.. i just tend to have a lot tighter groups with a little more weight. I actually traded it for a Gunwerks Clymwer in 6.5x284
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    Crispi Nevada Insulated 10.5

    Still for sale?? I sent a PM sent awhile back
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    It’s a great shooter!! Especially for a 7.8 lb rifle.. I used this rifle on my 14 day stone sheep hunt and 1 deer hunt.
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    For sale is my Red Rock Precision 6.5x284 P2PXT mountain rifle 22’ fluted barrel weighing in at 7.9 lbs topped with a Huskemaw 3-12x42 scope with turret out to 750 yards. Comes with 3 boxes of 130 grain Berger VLD ammunition. $$5300.00 half the cost of new
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    Don Thank you for confirming. That is good to hear that they are a stand up organization. Just so you know several calls were made along with emails and I never got a call back or email so this is the reason I questioned them. People drop several thousand dollars for these kind of raffles and...
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    Unit Advice - Coming Down to the Wire

    If you decide to try and draw unit 27 i would highly recommend you give Justin Erhart a call from Premium Hunts. He just did a podcast with Jaysscottoutdoors recently. My 2019 unit 27 bull i hunted with Premium Hunts
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    Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society

    Just a FYI The drawing was on the 25th and their website was not updated till this pst Sat with the NM desert sheep raffle winners.
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    Upcoming Draw recommendation

    Justin Erhart with Premium Hunts
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    Hello Don. Any chance you can message me with a contact?? Another member here on the boards has had the same issue as me so I’d like to reach out to President of this association and voice my concern... I would think if they are giving away a hunt of a lifetime and people are spending their...
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    Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society

    Can anyone confirm on this forum if the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society legit? Sure seems fishy they never post any of the raffle winners🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️... I’ve sent emails message on IG and even called and left messages... After spending several hundred dollars on raffle tickets Iam pretty...
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    Can anyone confirm on this forum if the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society are legit? Sure seems fishy they never post any of the raffle winners🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️... I’ve sent emails message on IG and even called and left messages... After spending several hundred dollars on raffle tickets Iam...
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    A3, Steve Chappell, or???

    >If you were going to use >an elk guide who would >you be talking to? >I'm a NR with only >13 points and hunt both >rifle and archery. I >need to go get my >hunter ed point and start >figuring out units that I >might have a shot at. > Thanks Justine @ Premium Hunts if you plane on...
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    Unit 10 elk

    Very Nice Bull!! Congratulations on popping your cherry 🍒
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    Unit 65 Outfitter Recommendations

    >LAST EDITED ON Jul-02-18 >AT 08:35?AM (MST) > >LAST EDITED ON Jul-02-18 >AT 08:30?AM (MST) > >Congrats to your daughter! My wife >drew that tag when she >was 71/2 months prego with >my daughter. Great hunt. Look >at Packsaddle Rd. Lots of >moose in there. Here?s >my daughter with her...
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    Post your moose pics!

    What a stud!!! Congratulations!!
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    Unit 65 Outfitter Recommendations

    >Hamilton Outfitters and Robson Outfitters are >the outfitters that pop up >when searching the Idaho Outfitters >and Guides Association website for >the Palisades area. That >said, I'm not sure if >they guide 65 for moose, >but you might call and >find out. >...
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    Unit 65 Outfitter Recommendations

    LAST EDITED ON Jun-28-18 AT 02:11PM (MST)[p]My oldest daughter was lucky enough to draw a moose tag in unit 65. Being that we are a non-resident and a great distance away iam aware that this unit is mostly private so hiring a outfitter is our best option of having a successful hunt...Any...
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    O-I-L results are up.

    My oldest daughter drew a moose tag as well in unit 65🙌🏻🙌🏻...
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    Brown bear

    >4-weeks out from leaving on my >brown bear hunt. Hunting with >Mike Litzen on the Peninsula. >Just wondering if anyone had >some last minute advice. >Thanks >Paul Hi Paul My friend Mike will be on the Brown bear hunt with Mike L as well but will be staying on the boat... possibly if...
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    Crispi GTX hunter 10.5

    RE: Crispi GTX hunter 10.5 Sold Sold!
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    Crispi GTX hunter 10.5

    Up so sale is a like new pair of Crispi GTX Hunter boots in a 10.5..... I literally only wore on a weekend hunt... 215 shipped anywhere in the USA
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    Deer Results Posted

    >>Unit 27 mule deer > >You draw the late rifle there? > That was my 1st >choice due to the December >dates. But very long >odds. Happy with my >2nd choice. Nice!! Good luck!! I drew late 27 in 2015 If possible try and hunt the later part of the hunt if you drew the late 27.... The...
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    Deer Results Posted

    >No deer results for us. BUT >my wife drew her sheep >tag in 37A. Can't wait >to be hunting deserts again! > Nice!!! How many points? resident or Non??
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    Gunwerks LR1000 7mm Rem Mag

    > > >I have a like new never >been out in the field >Gunwerks LR1000 7mm Rem Mag >with a Huskemaw optics 5x20 >Long Range Scope for sale. >Comes with 100 rounds of >ammo and hard case. Asking >$5,000, plus shipping/insurance (Lower 48). >Please call or text Matthew >@ (505)...
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    Full Curl Society Banquet drawings

    >Are the results posted anywhere? Nope. Not that I've been able to find...
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    Full Curl Society Banquet drawings

    Did any monstermuley members get lucky and draw a sheep tag at the Full Curl Society drawing? 1Manshow
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    Selling my Suunto watch that was used on only one hunt last fall... Asking 300obo
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    Christensen arms HELP

    I will say my other CA is a shooter and couldn't be happier with it.... Hoping this one shoots the same.. 1Manshow
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    Christensen arms HELP

    >I can't speak for mbogo but >I suspect we meant CA >(Christiansen Arms, like he said) >and not Ca (as in >where you live). > >Of course it's not strange that >someone from Ca (Cali) is >on this site. I have >several Cali friends who visit >here. > >Now, let's hope you actually get...
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    Christensen arms HELP

    Not at all... Actually Iam from Ca
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    Christensen arms HELP

    Well.. I got some good news! Got a reply from Javalan and rifle will be shipped tomorrow🤔🤔. Lets hope it's shoots😳😳. Kind of strange... If rifle was done you'd think they would of sent out so they could get paid...
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    Christensen arms HELP

    Been having a bit of a problem trying to get my gun back from them after sending it to them close to two years ago. It was sent out to have a new stock and scope and load development done... Looking for a personal number of Javalen, Greg or Kade so I can get in touch with them... Christensen...
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    Remington Ammo 300 Rem Ultra Mag. 180gr.Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded PSP. Power level 3

    I have two Boxes of Remington 300 Ultra Mag ammo for sale since I don't have a rifle for this Ammo anymore.... Looking to get 70.00 each plus 10.00 shipping.. Pics available upon request
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    governor's raffle sheep tag

    RE: governor's raffle sheep tag >Broomed a little! > >GAWD that Ain't a FLATTY is >it? > > > > >I'm Living & Dieing with the >Choices >I've Made! > >Go Ahead! > >Make Me take it down! > > >er_photos3/9001hank2.jpg Lmao😜😜. Hell Yeah it's a...
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    governor's raffle sheep tag

    RE: governor's raffle sheep tag >Tell us it 'aint' true---- > >He scored Under 180..... > >For real? > >congrats none the less ~~ > >Robb Yep he didn't make the 180 mark.... But one thing forsure I couldn't be happier with him... The full curl and then some look never gets old to look...
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