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    South Dakota Archery

    Im only interested in Deer. You said birds, are you meaning turkeys? Let me know if you have anything for deer next year and ill give you a call. thank you.
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    South Dakota Archery

    im very interested in a SoDak hunt for 2 guys next year. If you have anything avail please PM me. i have points too but open to talk about whatever. thx.
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    2nd Draw results?

    yeah, nada for any of us....
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    Guys that need help on hunts

    somebody needs to get laid! ;)
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    300 weatherby

    Vanguard. im not sure what it weighs. if youre in town call or text me and come see it. i can meet you somewhere too.
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    300 weatherby

    300 weatherby Sub MOA with rail. NO SCOPE. I have 2 boxes of Ammo/Brass (mostly brass) $600.00 Would prefer to deal locally, dont want to ship right now. Im in Boise/Meridian Idaho. Text for faster response 208-870-2599
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    Drew 035 archery deer

    How did your hunt go?
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    archery deer units?

    its been a while since ive hunted Nevada. Looking at archery only in 33, 34, 31, 51 or the 60s. were not trophy hunting but we would like to get into lots of deer and few ppl. Any suggestions on which zones. i know all 5 choices count but im not sure which order to put them in for the best...
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    Bear Draw Results Are Out.

    i drew 32. i have drawn the 32/32a in the past but always hunted the 32a side. i went with the odds this year since the broke it up and drew but not sure how 32 will be. lots of tags this year. good luck
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    draw odds / harvest success?

    Non resident. Im just looking for a quality hunt with any weapon really. prefer muzzy or rifle but will also do archery. Want a realistic chance at a good bull. have looked at 23 late but i dont think i have enough points. considered 27, 9 but not sure on points for those.
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    draw odds / harvest success?

    I cant seem to find this on their website? I have 12 elk points and looking to find a hunt. Anyone know where to find this information on their site? Thanks guys.
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    Lost Bino's Idaho unit 55

    wow! There are still good ppl out there. glad you got them back. Travis
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    3 coues video

    I think the first 2 were 300 and last one 400-450. I can't remember for sure now. Been a few years. Travis
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    Challis Cow Elk

    just saw a herd above clayton just above the river not very high up. easy walk from bottom. Travis
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    Is BCBOY still on these forums? Trying to find a photo of one of his massive bucks he killed to show a friend and i cant pull up the archived photos. Travis
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    Found Equipment

    Thats strange. Thats a lot to leave behind? Travis
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    Unit 57 Muzzleloader Hunt

    just got back from the rifle hunt. it was brutal. seeing lots of deer, maybe 70/ day but no quality bucks at all. few small 4 points but nothing i wanted to shoot. hopefully the muzzleloader hunt brings out the big ones, because i know the rifle hunters didnt shoot them all. Travis
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    MM'er Wins $500

    nice bryan. Travis
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    2018 mzzl buck

    awesome buck. congrats. what state? Travis
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    Lost muzzleloader

    @homer... lmao... Travis
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    Cabelas brand gear guarantee being eliminated?

    The bargain cave here in boise closed down weeks ago. Not sure on the guarantee. Travis
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    Swarovski Z 5

    sent you a text. Travis
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    oregon blacktail advice

    you wont need to backpack anywhere unless you go behind locked gates. Some of that land now you have to by a permit from the lumber companies too, so i would look into that. if you buy the permit you can drive in. id go the last few days of the season and hopefully the rut is in motion. i...
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    Antelope Supertag

    39 and 37a have good ones. Travis
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    Idaho antelope!

    cool buck! Travis
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    mechanical question

    i used mechanicals and i liked them. no issues. they were the slick tricks. Travis
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    McCall Elk

    Zims hot springs to help with your aching muscles if you not far from new meadows ;) Travis
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    You don't see big deer like this too often in East Idaho

    great deer. Travis
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    green river..... trailer water???

    Im coming from west idaho tomorrow 8/31/18 for a hunt by green river/rock springs and im pulling a trailer. dont really want to pull water all the way over, so im wondering where a good place to fill up would be? like a gas station?? preferably in green river but rock springs is good too...
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    Max Deer Points 87 or 102

    which unit did you end up drawing? Travis
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    good luck. im headed to wyoming for archery deer friday. Travis
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    Thoughts on this one?

    i bet low 180s. great buck. Travis
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    Who Needs a Colorado Leftover Tag?

    i like this app Travis
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    European Wild Boar Hunts

    its not really hunting. hellen keller could kill a pig in there in 20 minutes. but it is still a good time. depends on what your looking for. Travis
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    What does he go?

    i think hes bigger than 130. Id think he could be mid to high 150s. hes not very wide but thats little to do with score. Travis
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    onX Elite Membership Giveaway ... Win It!

    i want the hunt app Travis
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    Idaho trail riding

    i have a TTR 230. i think its perfect for trails. not a ton of power but enough for trails. Travis
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    Mathews Monster MR7

    29 in draw 60-70lbs 5 pin black gold sight with micro adjust rip cord fall away rest stablizer tight spot quiver excellent condition i can text photos if interested 600.00 you pay shipping if needed. im in meridian idaho Travis 208-870-2599
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    mechanical question

    i appreciate all the input. ive shot, muzzy, NAP hellrazors, magnus stingers, over the years, but not enough consensus on here so i am going to try the QAD Exodus. not legal in Idaho but trying them in wyoming. Thanks guys for the input. Travis
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    mechanical question

    the last pro shop that cut and did inserts in my arrows glued them in. in the past, whatever pro shops used i could heat up and turn my broadheads and sometimes get them to spin better, but these even if i heat them up the inserts just wont spin. its a little frustrating with fixed blades...
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