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    It's been a bit

    Since I've posted on here. Here's this years general buck. We were having a difficult time finding anything this year and on a whim I decided to go to an area my wife talks about trying all the time and got lucky. Of course the day I do this is the day she wasn't with me due to work
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    another rough year

    if i have another rough year next year i may just take up road hunting broke two scopes and lost all but one knife but i managed to still get it done
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    unit 43 wolves

    i was up archery hunting today and happened upon a black wolf on the way back to camp had no fear of the atv or the arrow that hit just under it. i accidentally bumped my release in the rush to get it marsh creek road just outside of featherville hopefully its not a new pack forming we only...
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    12 in 12 years

    i got my 12th deer in 12 years on 11/25/13. its been a tough year in july i broke my tib and fib but i refused to give up on hunting i hunted over 40 days in all this season and was finally able to connect on my first archery deer on the late season hunt
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    need help possible info

    i was in unit 43 all week and on friday we were headed back to camp and my transmission went out on my truck. i had it parked completely off the side of the road so it was in no ones way. apparently someone decided they would be a ##### and shatter my windshield with a relatively big rock i...
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    my season

    well even with the injury to my leg i am not giving up on hunting season and even though it has been slow start for me only seen 5 deer so far i was able to get a good friend of mine his first 4x4 (even the wardens said it was a 4x) i still got my tag and my elk tag i drew in 43 always willing...
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    bulls in October

    ive hunted elk in November but only once in October before but i was just wondering what anyone else has to say about it there is always something to learn in this world when it comes to hunting thanks
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    any ideas for a broken leg

    Last Saturday I was hit by a car and broke my leg so im wondering if anyone has an idea of a work out for it while im still down I know I can't do much but I refuse to give up on the idea of me hunting this year
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    5 first timers and me (guide)

    well my season planning started with just another diy trip for my general season deer tag nothing specail just a week by myself and my rifle. well 2 weeks before season a friend informed me he and his family are goin hunting for there first time and would like me to guide them well of course i...
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    LAST EDITED ON Sep-16-12 AT 01:37PM (MST)[p]Just wondering from personal experience how's the late Dec hunt
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    2012 archery events

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-13-12 AT 08:30PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Sep-13-12 AT 08:29?PM (MST) Well after last year's challenge that I know some of you followed through my posts. I decided to do it again. But first I gotta get outta this hospital room
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    the real test of skills

    well with these fires burning everywhere i guess this is the year i will find out if all the time ive put in over the years was me learning and adapting to the situation and paying off or just sheer luck
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    good backpack tent and pack

    so ive been thinking about doin a couple day long pack trip for hunting season for a few years now and finally decided to go for it ive looked at lots of packs and tents but i would like to hear your thoughts on them and personal experience if possible thanks. what tent and a good pack to haul...
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    joys of archery

    well i just got into archery hunting this season and have pretty much decided that its gonna become my passion. i was just outside in 35 degree temps in a t shirt shooting for like an hour and i cant complain i really enjoyed it. now i know you can do that with a rifle but it wouldnt be as...
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    MOOSE best unit

    title says it all. just doing research for next years draw and decided to see your thoughts on it
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    martin archery

    i was just wondering if any of you have a newer martin and what do you think about them? I have an older one and am looking to upgrade and since im new to this sorta deal i just wanna know your thoughts im stuck on sticking with martin or goin to the matthews z7 extreme
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    unit 39 late hunt

    just wondering how everyone's hunt is goin? mine has been up and down my first outing. started out about 6am driven down to the spot i wanted to check out well i wasnt even 15 miles from home and my alternator took a crap which caused the battery to go. that was fun waiting for help in the...
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    i think hunters are retarded

    i know that will get you all worked up. As i was saying though i think we are retarded we spend most of the year doing nothing but are daily lives which most of it doesnt include working out or staying in great shape just to spend a month or so working our butts off and regretting not staying in...
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    our idaho hunt

    just got back from a 3 day trek out of 4 tags we filled two our first was a 3x3 was 3x4 busted as some point taken on the 12. or second was shot today a good decent 4x4 if you dont count i guards. posting pics now
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    lets stir the pot!

    Since my antelope post turned into a point system discussion. Let's once again have a good ol pros and cons and why we should not have them talk. I think the only thing there maybe should be a points system on is the big three but then again there shouldn't be. They've already kinda set up a...
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    what do you think

    How many others out there think that Idaho can quiet a few more people saying that Idaho can't produce any good bucks in numbers I know last year we made a few quiet down
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    unit 39 lope

    Just wondering if anyone on mm has the tag season starts Sunday. Been watching them from my house
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    southern idaho

    Was wondering if anyone knows a good taxi around i got my lope hunt coming up and decided pretty much whatever I take is gonna get mounted thanks
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    idahos big 3

    I was wondering if anyone thinks its possible to draw all three in seven years? The reason i ask I was sitting here talking to a friend and I realized if I get my pronghorn this year those are the only big game animals I have left in Idaho to hunt and harvest and I would love to do it before I...
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    new to archery

    Hey guys just wanna ask a few question on products. I picked up used bow proven to kill. I'm just wondering in your opions which is the best release, arrows and fixed blades? I know ill have to find my own but just want a good starting point. Thanks for your inputs ahead of time. Been looking...
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    I was looking at my little paper today after I left the store and I noticed that clerk put my 1st and 2nd choices backwards. Question is. Is there anything I can do to get it right or am I screwed? I mean its not a horrible mistake I wouldn't mind either of the hunts but my first choice is my...
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    wild hogs ( feral)

    Can anyone confirm this I was reading somewhere the other day and they said there is a population south of mountain home I spend lots of my free time down there but have never seen sign little loan a hog
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    training hounds

    So I picked up two pups the other day and just wanted get some info. Like best ways to train without having other dogs. What have you done in the past with yours. I've already started taking them through small creeks that I know about and some different types of terrains. I have my wife hold...
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    eastern idaho

    There's a chance I could be moving to Idaho falls by hunting season so I was just wondering from the people who know it better then I do how's the hunting and and outdoor life around there? No I'm not being lazy and and just asking I'm also looking info and stuff up but sites only give so much...
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    new challenge

    im thinking of buying a pistol to use for deer season next year i just want a new challenge ive taken all my deer within 70 yards so why not try it. my question is what would you use if you were hunting with only a pistol?
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    them big kitties

    does any one have hounds around the boise area if so i would like to know thanks
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    9 years straight

    i just went up for the day i had a limit amount of time this year so not to picky but its decent so im not complaining still didnt cure my itch though
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    my lil brother drew a unit 43 bull tag just wondering if anyone has pulled one outta there if you have pics would love to see we were watching a 6x6 and he just seems to have vanished but thats hunting
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    i would really like to get one but have know idea where to start except northern part of the state. anyone wanna give me some help on this
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    hows any one heard, seen killed anything thinking about taking my lil bro up to see he we can get his first bear just wanted to know any thing would be nice help thanks
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    thinking about moving to utah can any one give me insight on how it works down there for hunting on anything and every thing that can help
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    first elk hunt completed

    this was my first elk hunt and it ended on opening day not the biggest but gotta start some where over a mile stalk in open grasland to get within 70 yards had a group of people watching me would like to know what any of them thought about it if the see this thanks
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    unit 46 owhyee

    i had a friend ask me for help on this unit i told him i really dont know anything about it at all but i would try to help so is any one willing to give me some knowledge about it other than theres not many deer or to many hunters sort of stuff thanks
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    opening weekend

    so how did every ones weekends go lets see those pics of anything mine not so good took a guy up that hasnt hunted in about 20 years he was dead set on high elevation needless to say i just went along for the ride... and i had a first some one shot a doe on the side of a main road in the snow...
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    39 and 43 which one

    39 and 43 which one just wondering what people are thinking about doing after this past weekends storm
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