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    300 weatherby

    300 weatherby Sub MOA with rail. NO SCOPE. I have 2 boxes of Ammo/Brass (mostly brass) $600.00 Would prefer to deal locally, dont want to ship right now. Im in Boise/Meridian Idaho. Text for faster response 208-870-2599
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    archery deer units?

    its been a while since ive hunted Nevada. Looking at archery only in 33, 34, 31, 51 or the 60s. were not trophy hunting but we would like to get into lots of deer and few ppl. Any suggestions on which zones. i know all 5 choices count but im not sure which order to put them in for the best...
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    draw odds / harvest success?

    I cant seem to find this on their website? I have 12 elk points and looking to find a hunt. Anyone know where to find this information on their site? Thanks guys.
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    Is BCBOY still on these forums? Trying to find a photo of one of his massive bucks he killed to show a friend and i cant pull up the archived photos. Travis
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    green river..... trailer water???

    Im coming from west idaho tomorrow 8/31/18 for a hunt by green river/rock springs and im pulling a trailer. dont really want to pull water all the way over, so im wondering where a good place to fill up would be? like a gas station?? preferably in green river but rock springs is good too...
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    Mathews Monster MR7

    29 in draw 60-70lbs 5 pin black gold sight with micro adjust rip cord fall away rest stablizer tight spot quiver excellent condition i can text photos if interested 600.00 you pay shipping if needed. im in meridian idaho Travis 208-870-2599
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    mechanical question

    any of you use mechanical broadheads over there? do you think they fly more true than a fixed blade. would like some opinions before i invest in some. That said ive never had perfect flying fixed blades. Travis
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    Antelope in 81??

    Anyone know this unit? i have some questions. Looks like the harvest success is good like most units in the state, but how is the public land? Are there plenty of places to hunt? What is the quality? Road conditions etc. Anything you may be willing to share. Just looking for a fun hunt with...
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    Random draw question

    when in the ramdom draw do your points convert to bonus points? or is each person in the hat 1 time regardless of points. example: someone with 1 under max and another person with 1 point, do they have the same random odds. Thanks. Travis
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    Thompson Center Black Diamond Peep question

    i have this muzzleloader and would like to get an adjustable peep for it. the gun is older and im having a tough time finding one that fits. anyone have any on theirs that fits? do i need to go to a gunsmith and have it made to fit? suggestions. Looking for somethink like this...
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    AR10 PWS MK216 Mod 1

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-29-17 AT 09:53PM (MST)[p]Essentially new, 20-30 rounds through it. 2 magazines, carrying case and some ammo. 1500.00 im in meridian idaho but will work with out of state buyers as well. Travis
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    antelope 93

    Considering sitting water during the archery season? anyone willing to chat with me about this. Done it for years in Idaho, just want to chat general stuff. Shoot me a PM if your interested. thx. Travis
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    52a idaho

    Drew this hunt this year. never been in it but i like to muzzleloader hunt and had great draw odds. i have a few questions if anyone could help me out. Just not a whole lot of information out there about it. curious if the deer migrate into there or if the deer are generally going to be...
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    Razor binoculars 10x42

    Signs of wear but great condition. Everyone knows the warranty. 750.00 shipped in lower 48 Travis
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    Leica Rangermaster 1200

    works great, has scratches on plastic, but good glass. i have it listed on ebay here Travis
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    AZ points on website???

    is anyone able to get on the AZFG website and check their points? last couple times ive tried says 'unbearable' Is there another way to get to the page to check my points? Travis
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    UCC shooting fundraiser raffle

    We at skullhanger teamed up with a few close friends to put a raffle drawing together. The proceeds from this drawing will go to the victims families affected directly by the UCC tragedy. The drawing is taking place in Roseburg, Oregon, so if you decide to help out and you're from another state...
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    Giant 3 point Idaho buck

    Larry Quisel shot this buck in southern idaho. has 9 inch bases. incredible buck and congratulations to Larry. Me, Larry and Rob Silva Travis
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    Quick question ...

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-28-15 AT 05:08PM (MST)[p]Im headed out this week and i see there is some moisture. Generally i will leave my load in, but i have always hunted good warm, dry weather before. Also on my speedloads, should i put them in plastic bags to keep condensation out? im going to be...
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    anyone in chico?

    Looking for an easy favor from someone in Chico? im over in boise idaho and am looking at a bronco over there. before i go overthere to drive it myself, id like to have someone drive it for me and look it over. Dont necessarily have to be a mechanic but just look it over for leaks, dings...
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    3 coues video

    LAST EDITED ON May-13-15 AT 01:02PM (MST) by Founder (admin)[p]my buddy finally got the coues deer video put together. Travis
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    spring bears

    Anyone killing any bears yet. i havent even heard of any coming off of the controlled hunts 32 and 22? any luck out there, i know its still early? Travis
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    Blacks Creek Canadian pack.

    One of my favorite packs. Used but still in excellent condition. Has the expandable meat compartment. 100.00 firm + 10 shipping Travis
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    anyone bought anything from these guys. there prices are super cheap and im skeptical. like to hear from some 3rd party buyers. Travis
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    Leupold VX6 vs Swarovski Z5

    any thoughts on these. when price shopping, i can get the vx6 in 4-24x for the same price as the z5 3.5-18x. is one better than the other, pros vs cons if anyone out there knows. Thanks. Travis
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    Nevada Muzzy Euro mount back

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-19-15 AT 05:28PM (MST)[p]Had a local guy here in idaho use beetles, turned out good i thought. Travis
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    cow buffalo hunts

    anyone know of any cheap cow buffalo hunts/harvest. Just looking for some meat. found one for 850.00? is this as low as they go? would need to be in the west. Travis
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    any luck in 128 yet this year? any reports? Travis
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    Western Rivers Apache Pro E-Caller - $200

    used 2 times. new condition with decoy and carrying case. 200.00 Travis
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    front sight for thompson

    i have a thompson black diamond and id like to get a fine crosshair style front site. anyone know of anything like this that will fit? Thanks. Travis
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    Original Piranta (stainless) w/blades & holster

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-28-14 AT 11:19AM (MST)[p]The Original Piranta by Havalon. Brand new w/blades and holster. 40.00 +3.00 shipping or come pick it up in Meridian Idaho Travis
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    any pics of 034 bucks?

    drew the muzzy tag and cant find much when i do a search. Anyone have any photos of 034 bucks killed, id sure like to see them. headed down in a couple weeks to scout and try to find a camping spot. Thanks. Travis
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    idaho bear

    Got this bear spot and stalk. Has a big ole' head on him too. Travis
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    montana decoy , cow moose

    i have a brand new moose decoy for sale, 65.00. Its in boise / meridian idaho. would prefer local pick up. Travis
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    unit 34 nevada

    I drew a muzzleloader tag here and havent been there. im looking into the NW corner and doesnt look like there is much around there. anyone know where the nearest store, fuel, services are from summit lake? any information will be helpful. Thanks. Travis
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    vortex viper PST 6-24 x50 FFP mrad

    Used but in great condition. Lifetime warranty with the product. 800.00. ill pay shipping. Would do a part trade for Swarovski z5 BRX reticle. Travis
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    Caribou unguided drop hunt suggestions?

    Few guys are looking to do this in 2015. Would like to know if anyone has any good or bad information for me if they have done this sort of hunt before. Im looking for names of outfitters good experiences and bad and why? I would like the option to be moved if we are not seeing animals. Dont...
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    havalon piranta edge and Z

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-29-13 AT 05:19PM (MST)[p]brand new shipped to your door while they last 29.00 in the lower 48. Piranta Z and edge. Paypal only or come pick one up in Meridian Idaho. Contact me through PM. Have other knives / blades too, so just ask if interested in something else...
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    Sitka blacktails back from taxi..

    Took a while but finally got them back. nice to see them again to re-live some great memories. Travis
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    300 UM ammo for sale.

    All factory, but sold the gun. I dont have the details in front of me or i would post them, but i keep forgetting so im posting it anyway. Ill try to remember to post the details but if interested please let me know and ill definitely get you the details. ha. Travis
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