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    6.5 PRC Tikka

    Buy a Tikka 6.5 CM and turn it into a PRC. Send it to Shaen Magan and have him open the bolt face, change the bolt stop, adjust the trigger and buy yourself some new mags. It’s that easy.
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    DIY Combo hunt in The Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness Area

    It’s BIG country with very sparse concentrations of game animals. Glass like crazy and move to the next basin. Repeat. Hunting it on foot is daunting. Guys with stock are capable of covering country more efficiently. It’s beautiful, rugged country.
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    Prayers needed for a MM friend

    Prayers for a full recovery and for his wonderful family.
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    Hells Canyon rafting

    Had a fantastic trip this past season with Mountain River Outfitters in Riggins. Entire family loved the experience. Guides were professional, entertaining, knowledgeable and great cooks! We had a great trip and are planning a return trip with extended family.
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