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    Not the greatest pictures but wouldn’t mind hearing some guesses
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    What a horrible idea This guy is a f()cking quack. Founder do you have a pseudonym?
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    Articles of Impeachment

    So, Pelosi has stated that they will move forward with articles of impeachment. I watched 8 hours and 31 minutes of the inquiry and I must say I am missing how they came to the conclusion to proceed. I am convinced he has committed impeachable offenses, and I am convinced if they followed the...
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    Found them!!!

    It takes a lot of time and effort to organize such an event!
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    Cabelas Alaknak

    Well my wife has had plainest that we are getting a camp trailer for the family. So I have a Cabelas Alaknak 12?x20?, roof protector, floor liner, vestibule, camp chef barrel stove, Cabelas XL cot, Cabelas O2 octane cot, cabelas XL camp bed, and a few therma rest pads. It's all in pretty much...
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    Wasatch moose

    Did anyone here wound or know someone that wounded a bull moose on the Wasatch? He is a pretty nice bull for the area. If he may be yours or someone you know. Pm me with some details.
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    NEED HELP!!!!!

    Hey all, I have helped numerous times, to numerous people. Now I need some help..... So I have a friend that has the Wasatch Muzzy tag..... he won't settle for a bull smaller than 385..... and has spent no time prior to this hunt on the unit. So let's hear where they are.. Thanks in advance!!!
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    It can't be!!!
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    I did a search and found a few topics. But now that people have had a better "field test". Which boots would you buy, Crispi or Kenetrek? And why? Thanks in advance for any insight.
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    Bobcat is a liar!!!

    So I finally had a chance to get out hunting this year. I hunted out in the elkass neck of the woods, where I have hunted for the last 15 years (archery elk). I was not able or concerned with getting any pictures but...... I saw one tank of a buck and some pretty good bucks, some of which I...
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    I am just going to throw this out here. I am not the largest fan of Trump but I find this interesting. This is even from CNN.
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    Dollar Ridge

    My prayers go out to all you affected by this fire, and the many many more that will be impacted by it in the next weeks. Please reach out to me if there maybe any help I can offer to you and your loved ones!!! I have some spare pasture, room In gun safes, and many spare items that could come...
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    Farm bill passed
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    Now why would Obummer have done this I wonder?
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    It finally comes out
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    More evidence of collusion!!!! 😂😂😂. Sorry I couldn't resist
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    WHCE auctions

    Is there any where you can see what past auction tags sold for?
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    Late LE hunts

    Good luck to all of you on your late hunts. Weather has been less than helpful, but none the less wish you all the best of luck. i look forward to seeing some pictures. I think that on multiple units in Utah, this is the best hunt for "trophy" quality. Good luck and post them up.
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    Quick poll: If you were getting "older" and had enough points or were guaranteed a multi season tag in the next 2 years for Bookcliffs or Vernon. Which would you do and why? Just for reference, you live right in between both units (Heber).
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    Well, we have another year in the books. This year started no different then any of the past years. I watched unsuccessful emails roll in just as almost every year past. So it was just OTC elk and my final year in dedicated hunter in Utah. The year has been an extremely busy year. Between an...
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    Helping out?

    I am not sure about the rest of the people here, and I don't want to rant nor discourage people from helping, nor asking for help. With that being said.... It seems more and more, that people come to forums such as this. They ask for help, then they either decline the help, or they take the...
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    Wasatch moose

    Not sure about everyone else but I finally saw my first large bull moose on the Wasatch tonight. Anyone else noticed the large decrease in good bull moose on the Wasatch?
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    Draining the swamp

    Hard to believe, but in some instances the GOP has pulled its head out...... seems like the DEMs might be figuring it out??? I believe over the last 3 years I have seen Ocho and Newmont claim the GOP was dead and gone. Has the American public woken up? Have the politicians final opened their...
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    Crazy video

    How many have had this happen?
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    Crazy video

    Pretty crazy video. How many people has this happened to?
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    Sorry to hear about your broken neck. Hope everything else is well. On another note, I wonder how many others get hurt right before hunts. I can think of 4 just on our forums, most of which are doing low risk (as to say) activities that they have done many times before without incident. I hope...
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    Huge shout out!!!

    I don't post a whole lot. But usually you see negative posts about suppliers, vendors etc. this has to do with Diamond Archery and Sportsmans Warehouse. I would like to thank all the people involved, on both sides I had a Limb snap on my bow this weekend, I went and talked with the guys at...
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    Question for the basinites.

    Curious how much snow you guys got in the higher elevations as well as down low. Wondering if there is enough to push the elk down. Have a friend with a kid that has the late youth any bull tag out there.
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    348 win

    If anybody has a 348 and would like some factory ammo I have some I am trying to get rid of; 2 boxes of peters high velocity 200gr core-lokt 2 boxes of Winchester 200gr super speed silver tip 1 box of Remington 200gr core lokt If you are interested please let me know.
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    Spotting scope!

    LAST EDITED ON Dec-27-14 AT 09:57PM (MST)[p]Hi all, I currently have two spotting scopes. My problem is they are both heavy. So my question is if you were starting from scratch and buying a scope for high country back pack hunting and money was no problem but you were concerned with quality...
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    Brass 30-06, 243 etc.

    If anyone is interested I have a bunch of brass. It is mostly 30-06 but there is a lot of 30-30, 243, some 223, 300 win as well. Most of it has been shot once with some having been shot twice. I am located in Utah county. They are free if you want them.
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    Found Trail Cam

    I found a Trail cam just recently. It was on the Wasatch Front Extended area in Salt Lake county. If you think its yours let me know where (approximately) and brand/model.
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    Late LE hunt

    Curious how they are going. Especially the Wasatch. Been seeing some stellar bulls that have lived through all the other hunts and today only saw one hunter. Curious where people are and how they are doing?
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    Wasatch Bull

    I normally do not post kill pictures. But after multiple requests I decided I would post my Wasatch bull from this year. I have been very fortunate to have the Wasatch tag twice in the last three years. And between my family we have had 5 tags in 6 years. We have killed three bulls with those 5...
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    Katie's Bull

    I am posting this for someone else. I will let them make the comments.
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    I know most of you will sympathize with me:). I have a small dilemma, I have been watching the bull I want to get this year. He is an extremely large 6x6. Well today while watching him another bull came into the picture. We will call him a 6x7. Unfortunately I was not able to verify it but I...
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    Absolute tragedy

    I was unfortunate enough to watch the deer I had been watching all year get shot by somebody else. Even more unfortunate. He was never recovered. Despite 5 people tracking and the most unrealistic blood trail I have ever seen in my life. How big do you think he is. Despite the not so good...
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    And Iraq starts again.... I am curious as to where this will actually stop.
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    Unfortunately its too late.

    Wish this would have happened a couple years ago before they F%$^@d up the system worse than it was.
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