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  1. Hunna_wunna

    River canyons for Desert Muleys?

    We hunted a river bottom this year on the muzzleloader hard, we knew there was 3 bucks within this 3 mile stretch of river that would both go over 180”, the problem was that they were in willows, Russian olives, and even tooeles that were so thick, that they could literally take 2 steps and...
  2. Hunna_wunna

    Maven Binoculars

    Purchasing some Maven Binos to try out for next season, just wondering if I should go with the B4 or the B5 (reading, it looks like the main difference is the ED glass in the B4 vs the Flourite glass in the B5). Any input? Is the B5 better than the B4? I will be buying 12x56 just for...
  3. Hunna_wunna

    ISO unit 3 / 301 tag

    I’m in search of atleast 1, possibly 2 unit 3/301 Colorado deer tags!
  4. Hunna_wunna

    Colorado 75/751 - Unit Wide Mule Buck Tag - Second and Third Season

    Second season tag still available?? I will PM you my number
  5. Hunna_wunna

    West Desert, West

    Has anyone hunted for deer on the Dugway Range? Specifically Thomas Range, Castle Mountain, Granite Peak, etc?
  6. Hunna_wunna

    Vernon rifle

    Haha! I just posted a few!
  7. Hunna_wunna

    Vernon rifle

  8. Hunna_wunna

    Vernon rifle

    Yes, I tagged out the beginning of last week
  9. Hunna_wunna

    Vernon rifle

    I drew archery this year and spent a lot of Time scouting and hunting. I found some great bucks with great potential. I’d love to share information or help where i can. Here is a photo of a deer on opening morning of the archery hunt I was watching.
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