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  1. desperatehills

    Steens deer

    Well done. A friend of mine killed a 20" wide 4x4 up there. You did much better
  2. desperatehills

    Steens deer

    How did your hunt go?
  3. desperatehills


    Yes that's Lucy in the background. She was a Boxer Lab cross. She was my best dog ever. She was the most playful dog you can imagine. Always into something. We had to say goodbye last year at 15 years old.
  4. desperatehills

    Back in the MM day

    yes we would
  5. desperatehills

    Ogden Meat Processor - BEWARE

    I would call a game warden but not the police. A game warden has a better understanding of what goes into a moose hunt and may be more inclined to help. Police or game warden will likely just tell you it is a civil matter and you will need to take him to small claims court. Then his liability...
  6. desperatehills

    Ogden Meat Processor - BEWARE

    That is unbelievable. How could he look you in the eye and say that is all you get from two backstraps from a bull moose
  7. desperatehills


    There is no way to replace Sparky, but a short legged Jack Russell puppy will always put a smile on your face
  8. desperatehills


    Fixed cars for 40 years. When I quit I will not touch another, I wont even change my own oil. I might work on golf carts if it is a nice course and free golf is included
  9. desperatehills

    Amendment E On Our Ballot...anyone for?

    Of course all of us here would vote yes. But what happens when 70% vote no? Hunters are severely out numbered. You do not want your hunting rights determined on a general election ballot. This is exactly how we lost the right to chase bears with hounds in Oregon.
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    Although I am 55 I have been going to the same Job since 1983. I have not counted the days but my wife and I will retire June of 2023. Forty years at one job is enough.
  11. desperatehills

    Pine Valley Early Rifle

    Glad you guys had a great time and filled your freezers. Something about going out of state and hunting a new area that adds just the right amount of adventure to our hobby or way of life. It looks like the weather was a little kinder to you than it was to us last year.
  12. desperatehills


    Great write up, great story. Getting scoped is a whole lot easier to take if you hit what you are aiming at. It just adds more to the story.
  13. desperatehills

    Kitty cat

    It was real funny at the end when the cat took off and he says "that's right mother F'er get out of here" like he was all of the sudden tougher than the lion. Given the circumstances he did better than I would have
  14. desperatehills

    Hunters safety point with COVID

    Has anyone talked with Don Martin lately? I took his class in Jan this year. I was friends with him on facebook and I have not seen any post from him in a while now.
  15. desperatehills

    Stihl 462

    I am sure I can not hang with any of you "loggers" but my next chainsaw is going to be battery powered. I have owned stihl for the last 30 years and they have always been good to me. Trouble is I do not burn wood much to heat my house anymore and my saws may sit for a couple years between uses...
  16. desperatehills

    How is cell service near Enterprise Res?

    We did not have service until we were almost in town. It is not all that far when you really need to make a call. Watch for deer crossing the road just out of town. We had a close call
  17. desperatehills

    Head butting a Game Warden. SMDH.

    I spoke with a game warden in Wyoming about trespassing. I was on a road that crossed private property before accessing public ground. There were lots of people back there hunting and he was checking licenses. When I asked him about the section of private at the start of the road he said he...
  18. desperatehills

    Park City bull score

    In park city it would score 30 days community service, 3 year hunting ban, and $8000 restitution.
  19. desperatehills

    AZ Elk Semi-Live

    Thanks for all the reports, great thread. My hunt in 2016 was much like yours. I chased bugles for 11 days, day 12 I sat water and killed a bull. Not the way I wanted it to go down but grateful for the bull.
  20. desperatehills

    Neat Things You Found While Hunting

    Back in the eighties I use to hunt in a cheap camo zip up sweatshirt. One day my wife was hiking through the sage brush headed back to camp and she found my sweatshirt. She brought it back to camp. I thought it was mine too, until I tried to put it on. It was three sizes too small. In the pocket...
  21. desperatehills

    Post your Shiras moose photos!!!!

    Nice bull! We know it’s archery as it’s impossible for a bow hunter to take a photo without their bow 🤣 You are 100% correct. My friend really wanted to get his moose with a bow, to the extent he was willing to shoot a smaller bull. He just got lucky that the first one he saw was a decent one.
  22. desperatehills

    Staying Warm While Waiting

    I can't avoid sweating so I keep a long sleeve fleece shirt in my pack and change it out with my wet shirt when I get to the top. This makes all the difference in the world. When I have been with other people they look at me strange when I strip down to change but I am ALWAYS more comfortable...
  23. desperatehills

    Post your Shiras moose photos!!!!

    Here is my friends bull from Wyoming this year, Archery
  24. desperatehills

    Head butting a Game Warden. SMDH.

    I have completely different questions. Why would the guide not want to press charges against the trespassers? Also, Is it fish and games job to post the property? Not much of this makes sense.
  25. desperatehills

    Glendower Fire

    I wasn't going to say that either but that is what they were insinuating on the news
  26. desperatehills

    Glendower Fire

    The guy that they arrested looks homeless and/or mentally ill. He was in Phoenix and the fire started in Ashland. The news today was calling it a criminal investigation because there was a body found near Alameda street where the fire started.
  27. desperatehills

    Bowhunter killed by wounded Elk

    Did anyone read the comments after the article. Nearly every comment was praising the elk for killing the ruthless bow hunter. I am sad for what this country is becoming
  28. desperatehills

    Meat Hunter

    In my 20's and 30's it was all about being successful. I wanted big horns but it was more about no tag left unfilled. Once in my 40's it was more about the adventure, seeing new places and the quality of the hunt. Now that I am in my mid 50's it is more about enjoying the outdoors, and I can do...
  29. desperatehills

    Any Shooters in this set of pics?

    nice goats but nothing over 76", keep looking
  30. desperatehills

    Unit 95 Antelope

    That doe picture is beautiful
  31. desperatehills


    Lucky Deal Here? I guess luck can be relative, they were in a plane crash. My idea of luck is having the engine die as I taxi back to the hangar.
  32. desperatehills


    I have two rifles with VX-3 and B&C reticles. I like the B&C personally. On my 6.5 cm sighted in at 200 the first line down is only 2" off at 300 and the tip of the lower post hits a 8" steel at 500 yards every time I have tried it.
  33. desperatehills

    Who gets the animal

    On a busy opening day of antelope season in Wyoming one of the guys in my group took a shot at a buck. He knocked it over, it was hit in the rear leg, the buck jumped up and ran over a ridge. A few shots later and we get a radio call that another guy in our party had a buck run right up to him...
  34. desperatehills

    Eastmans mrs section

    The advantage to Gohunt is all the information for all hunts is in there. The advantage of Huntin Fool and Epic is they do a good job of navigation you through the application process. The disadvantage of the two magazines is they are for trophy hunters and do not cover all units. I think a guy...
  35. desperatehills

    Eastmans mrs section

    I am going to drop eastmans this year. They started Tag hub and they are hard selling it. Their MRS is no longer viewable online with just the magazine subscription. They have sent me emails with unfinished articles and asked me to subscribe to tag hub to finish the article. I will keep Epic...
  36. desperatehills


    Funny, the protester said they were told to get on the sidewalk but couldn't fit everyone because the crowd was so big. In the pictures in the article you can see lots of room on the empty sidewalk. They should think their stories through. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes
  37. desperatehills

    UT Points

    For non-residents 12 is a common number. That is the number of points you would have if you applied for everything the first year you could. I went for moose and elk my first year and every species the next year when we could apply for everything. If you have more than 12 points for anything...
  38. desperatehills

    Nasty Hike = Better Hunt?

    My best deer hunting has been "just over the ridge". You don't need to be ten miles back. Just get back in a little ways to where you are glassing a hillside that doesn't have a road running through it.
  39. desperatehills


    Starting Sept 1st you need a negative test in the last three days to travel there and avoid quarantine. It takes 5 days to get results here locally. Looks like I am not going to hawaii
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