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  1. yoteduster


    Good to know , thanks for posting
  2. yoteduster


    Lmao that sounds about right
  3. yoteduster

    My grandsons get general season deer in Wyoming.

    That's pretty cool. ..congrats
  4. yoteduster

    Old Desert Buck

    Congrats. Looks like he's got good mass
  5. yoteduster

    The orange army is rising!

    That's a fact hi-way 40 has had a load of traffic today with every kind of f o ur wheeler and sxs you can think of on trailers even saw some electric bikes and flat brimers today we are staying down here in the lowlands away from the mess
  6. yoteduster

    Oak Creek Sheep

    Congrats on a nice ram
  7. yoteduster

    What's the Best Mule Deer Tag to have?

    Not sure if it's the best but the Henrys would be a great hunt for anybody
  8. yoteduster

    Wyoming Region G poor deer hunting this year

    +2 not to mention some archers slinging arrows 80 to 100 yards and muzzle loaders shooting 3 to 500+ yards yep the mule deers future looks pretty nleak
  9. yoteduster

    In training

    You got it right elk
  10. yoteduster

    Success in wyoming

    Congrats on a good bull
  11. yoteduster

    In training

    In training with parental supervision
  12. yoteduster

    Elk hunt 2020

    Yeah we're in a severe drought Allright
  13. yoteduster

    Youth Idaho Elk Hunt Unit 31 Brownlee Oct 1st-14th

    Congrats on a nice bull on your first hunt
  14. yoteduster

    SW Colorado deer or elk

    Sent you a pm
  15. yoteduster

    2020 WY buck down

    Nice buck congrats
  16. yoteduster

    My 2020 utah General unit bull.

    Nice bull for the general season congrats
  17. yoteduster

    2020 Archery Bull

    Yep nice bull congrats
  18. yoteduster

    NV Buck

    Nice that mount will keep your hunt fresh for many years
  19. yoteduster

    My 10 yr olds first hunt and first bull!

    Cool bull congrats to you and your daughter
  20. yoteduster

    Is this good

    Yep some nice rams there the one in the middle in first pic is a dandy
  21. yoteduster

    2020 Utah General Season Muzzleloader Deer

    Congrats on a nice buck
  22. yoteduster

    Muzzleloader Utah high country mule deer success

    Congrats on a nice buck
  23. yoteduster

    Solo OTC success

    Nice bull congrats
  24. yoteduster

    Julissa with Her First Buck

    The little gal done good congrats
  25. yoteduster


    Well the pics are kinda dark but I think if it was early in the hunt I would wait to see what more look like...
  26. yoteduster

    AZ Archery bull

    Nice bull congrats
  27. yoteduster

    Southern Utah Hammer 🔨

    Great ram congrats
  28. yoteduster

    431” Monroe Bull

    So where was he killed at
  29. yoteduster

    431” Monroe Bull

  30. yoteduster

    Score this Book Cliffs buck

    That's a cool buck with those double mains iam just guessing somewhere in the 170s but it makes no difference he's a way nice buck congrats
  31. yoteduster

    2020 Utah Pronghorn (part 1)

    Great goat memories that will last for years... congrats
  32. yoteduster

    Dad’s last elk hunt

    Great bull and a even better story congrats to you and your dad
  33. yoteduster

    Guess I'm a meathunter

    Congrats on your bucks
  34. yoteduster

    15 y/o son muzzleloader buck.

  35. yoteduster

    Irish drinking joke

    That is funny
  36. yoteduster

    Wyoming High Country Success

    Congrats on your bucks..some people old and Yong have no ethics and no respect for others too bad people like that are allowed out in public
  37. yoteduster

    AZ Elk Semi-Live

    Well good luck and do you best we're rooting for you
  38. yoteduster

    First WY Bull

    Congrats to both of you
  39. yoteduster

    2020 Buck Down

    Wow that's a stud..congrats
  40. yoteduster

    Heavy Hawg Down! Lucky Dude ME!

    Wow what a great buck..congrats to you and your buddy
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