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  1. Troubadour

    Stud moose

    Nice bull!!
  2. Troubadour

    My 1st New Mexico Muley

    Nice buck! Sweet acorns too!
  3. Troubadour


    Great work man.
  4. Troubadour

    30” California mule deer, they do exist!!

    Wide. Nice man.
  5. Troubadour

    2020 WY buck down

    Solid buck.
  6. Troubadour

    Archery Success

    Nice bull man.
  7. Troubadour

    2020 Utah General Season Muzzleloader Deer

    Persistence pays off. Some guys would of quit. Good job.
  8. Troubadour

    NV Buck

    He was an older fella. I have good video of him too. And, another pic from 2016. I’ll try to post them. The tip of his left ear was bit off. Not sure if it was by another buck or another animal. I’ve heard sometimes cold can split an ear too and deteriorate it. He has brilliant orange tinted...
  9. Troubadour

    NV Buck

    Finally got my buck from last November on the wall. Turned out solid.
  10. Troubadour

    Muzzleloader Utah high country mule deer success

    Nice buck brother.
  11. Troubadour


    Iconic shot. What state?
  12. Troubadour

    Full body sheep mount

  13. Troubadour

    15 y/o son muzzleloader buck.

  14. Troubadour

    Strange Opener

    Sweet buck.
  15. Troubadour

    Nevada 162 wilderness

    I’ve always wanted to hunt this as well. Is this the Toquimas?
  16. Troubadour

    Antelope pictures

    Nice bucks. Congrats.
  17. Troubadour


    Pterodactyls have been hammering the otters this year in Pershing County. Low numbers for sure.
  18. Troubadour

    Shane’s 214 buck

    Great work.
  19. Troubadour

    My 2020 buck

  20. Troubadour

    9/11 Find. Hike turned Into a shed Hunt.

    Hike back into area and find other side. That would be a nice set. Have one of your dads friends score it.
  21. Troubadour

    King of Carson City

    See what happens when you take your mask off.
  22. Troubadour

    067-068 Antelope, alternate tag

    Great work!
  23. Troubadour

    Anyone Scouting?

    Not sure who is scouting who sometimes....
  24. Troubadour

    Anyone Scouting?

  25. Troubadour

    Cameron's 2020 velvet buck

    Great work.
  26. Troubadour

    Well, that was quick!

    Congrats. Awesome ram.
  27. Troubadour

    Made it happen in Nevada

    Speed goat down! Congrats. Great evening pic.
  28. Troubadour

    Thoughts on this bighorn?

    I have a tag as well. I did the NDOW seminar last night on zoom. I need pointers on scoring these in the field versus pictures.
  29. Troubadour

    Thoughts on this bighorn?

    Beast of a sheep.
  30. Troubadour

    Taker Buck or No???

    Take him for sure. Healthy animal.
  31. Troubadour

    Otter hunting

    Tell me your joking. If not, please do basic research on Western State topography and hydrology.
  32. Troubadour

    Big Eyeguards

    NV shed. Still trying to find the match 2 years later. Sweet video Founder.
  33. Troubadour

    Pisscutter halibut

    Great catch. I’m in NV. 26$/lb for halibut at the store. No one knows if it came from a small or large one when it’s wrapped. One of my favorite fish to eat.
  34. Troubadour

    181-184 Second Draw Archery

    I’ve hunted Augusta twice and been successful during rifle season. If anything can help you with distance on hikes and camp spots. Shoot me a PM.
  35. Troubadour

    Weekend Scouting

    Great pics. I like the small rip out of the bucks ear in first pic.
  36. Troubadour

    tag just showed up?

    I got mine last Monday as well. What unit did you get?
  37. Troubadour

    2019 kill pics!

  38. Troubadour

    Norther Nevada taxidermy

    I would second exactly what jgriffin82 . Wildlife Revolutions. Brilliant work. Understands kinesiology with these animals and anatomical make up. Goes beyond just the hide and glue. I also have had euros done by Mitch. Solid work as well.
  39. Troubadour

    Large Bull

    That’s like ordering a steak and then they bring you tofu.
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