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    I just got a leica 2700b from Doug for a great deal. I would highly recommend leica and cameralandny
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    Windage issue at 200 yrds

    Lapping rings is easy and the wheeler kit will cost you less than a gunsmith would charge you to do the job. Glad you found the problem.
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    7west with a bow??

    Thanks for the replies. I am gonna try to get familiar with roads, water, and glassing points this summer and fall. I am really hoping to have a good time. My dad and I both have tags. My main focus will be getting him a bull. He is 66 years old and has never shot a bull.
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    7west with a bow??

    I have the late rifle tag as well. I just got back from a few days scouting around down there. I am from Utah and that country is far different from what I am used to. I would love to hear and share info about the unit as our scouting progresses. Hopefully we can help each other out and have...
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    Out of box most accurate hunting rifle.

    I bought my wife a 6.5-300wby in a weatherby accuguard that shoots half moa groups with factory ammo. It was about $800. I have 4 other weatherby rifles in weatherby calibers. One mark v and 3 vanguards and they will all shoot better than moa. If it was my money I would buy a vanguard in...
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    Anyone Used This Website?

    I have ordered bullets from them. No issues for me
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    SOLD Vortex Razor HD LH

    $201 jk pm sent
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    Southwest Desert muzzy

    I have limited experience with the unit but every time I go out there I am surprised by the amount of elk I find. They can be anywhere on that unit. Its a tough unit to glass but they will bugle during the muzz hunt. I'd start in the wma as its some of the most glassable, listen and glass and...
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    Ohv Permits Non Residents in Arizona

    Does anyone have a link on where to get the permit?
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    SOLD 30-378 Weatherby Once Fired Brass

    Just want to give a big thumbs up to Hunterturbo. Thanks a million. Great guy to deal with.
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    Az is Hitting for Elk/Antelope

    7 west late rifle elk for me
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    WIN a Nosegunner Bino Case! - Easy Entry...

    "I want a bino case!"
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    CVA paramount vs CVA accura v2 lrh

    I bought the accura v2lr 45 cal. It has the same barrel and 1-22 twist as the paramount. But its a 30 inch barrel vs the paramount's 26. With the elr 280 grain I am getting 2140 fps with 115 gr of bh209. It has shot very well at 150 and 250. Hopefully I can get a good day to stretch it out...
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    ZEISS CONQUEST HD 15x56 for sale

    Love these things
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    Tripod recommendations.

    I use a 290 xtra with a 128rc head. Love it for my 88mm spotter but hate to lug it long distances. Its heavy and only being a tri fold it doesnt pack well. Any recommendations for a sturdy tripod that isn't so bulky? Ps it's hard to beat the deal you can get on a 290xtra. Mine was at...
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    Paunsaugunt elk

    Hello. My little brother in law just received a call from the dwr telling him someone turned in a tag and he can hunt the early rifle on the pauns. I know the unit pretty well as I have helped on a few deer hunts there. However as the hunt starts on the 14th we are not going to be able to scout...
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    Lions are Active in CO... Lion killed with bare hands...

    No wonder the lion caught up to him. You cant run very fast when you have balls that big
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    Free Tickets ... The Big Outdoors Expo

    I want to go
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    Scope Level

    I think they are worth it. My brother and I used to argue about who's scope was crooked when we were younger. After aligning the scope with the bore and attaching the level we could see that I was holding with a pretty good cant. I've got them on all my rifles now and have seen my groups shrink...
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    Win a PhoneSkope Prize Package ... Easy to Enter

    I'd like to have a PhoneSkope
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    Kowa 88mm spotter

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the responses
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    Kowa 88mm spotter

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I am afraid the swaro will be going up for sale. I am in cedar city but I make it up to salt lake occasionally. Anyone need a perfectly good sts 65?
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    Kowa 88mm spotter

    I am looking to upgrade my spotting scope. I currently use a swaro sts 65 20-60. I have looked through kowa binos and Highlanders and was impressed to say the least. Does anyone have anything bad or good to say about kowas top of the line 88mm spotter?
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    Weatherby vanguard accugaurd

    I didnt proof read that very well. My wifes gun is an accuguard in 6.5-300 and it shoots weatherby brand 127 gr lrx barnes bullets at about .7 moa. My brother in law has one in 300 wby that I have handloaded for and it will shoot close to half moa. I will also just say I have 3 other...
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    Snow in UT This is a link to the snowstation up cedar mountain above kolob reservoir.
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    Weatherby vanguard accugaurd

    My wife shoots an accuguard in 6.5-300. Very accurate with factory barnes loads. My bro in law has one in 300 why that I handles for and it is also a good shooter. Both are around .5-.7 moa
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    Wyoming Guide Dead

    Wow what exactly? Ever noticed how deer and elk are much less wary of humans in areas where they aren't hunted? Swing into gardner Montana or Zion national park sometime and observe animal behavior when they aren't hunted.
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    Wyoming Guide Dead

    From what I have gathered about the area the grizz have no fear of humans. Hunting would push the bears to keep their distance.
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    Vortex hslr 4-16x44

    Text for pictures or more info 801-631-8037
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    Who Needs a Colorado Leftover Tag?

    I like this app.
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    Vortex hslr 4-16x44

    I have a vortex hslr 4-16x44 scope that I don't really need and was wondering if there was any interest in it. It was mounted and has some very minor marks on the tube. Its a 30 mm tube with 44mm objective, bdc reticle and the exposed turret. I have everything that came in the box including the...
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    onX Elite Membership Giveaway ... Win It!

    "I want the Hunt App!"
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    Thompson Long Range

    I went to their shooting course. It is remarkable what they can do with a factory rifle. I shot a 9 inch group at 1000 yards on my first attempt. Their mark v is an accumark with a custom stock. Their scope is matched to to their load for the 30-378. I learned a lot in the course and used their...
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    Bino debate

    If you can look through them all at dusk you will get a better idea of what's going to work for you. Most expensive may not be the best for your eyes. If you go with vortex look into the 50mm razors. The bigger objective can make up for a slightly lower quality glass. I was impressed with the...
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    WIN a Pack! ... Simple to Enter

    I need a pack
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    Truth about Wild Horses affect Hunting

    "Horse are like sheep, they not only eat the new growth but they pull the roots out and eat those to. " Not true. Sheep are ungulates just like cows, deer, and elk. The don't have upper teeth to facilitate pulling plants up. They do eat closer to the ground than cattle when grazing in grass...
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