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    Score? New to elk hunting looks big to me.

    Not much in the way of mass but he has enough length to break 320. Nice looking bull.
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    Book Cliffs

    You only add 10“ if it’s your animal. If it belongs to someone else, you deduct 10”.
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    Book Cliffs

    Guys, I too am having a hard time seeing 200 by looking at the picture because there’s not much reference to compare to but if you go back to the scratch pad score sheet then look at the picture again, I‘m thinking the numbers jive pretty good? CS, maybe you have a few more pics with different...
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    Spike or Not... Utah

    The definition is “at least one antler that has no branching above the ears”. I don’t necessarily agree with the definition, I think it should read “no brow tines” period because I’ve seen broken beam bulls that meet the criteria but they’re obviously not a spike. Now this particular bull falls...
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    Spike or Not... Utah

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    OnX first timer

    Yes, yes and yes. Great tool, just make sure if it’s the phone app that you preload (off grid) your area while you have service then you can use it even without service on airplane mode to save battery.
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    licensee who can't load their own gun.

    I’m not sure if it’s illegal or not but I think they would have to prove intent because there is no law that I’m aware of preventing me from openly carrying a firearm without a hunting license. Maybe I’m wrong and I’m not sure it would be worth the fight to prove innocence but I just don’t see...
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    licensee who can't load their own gun.

    That’s a good question cannonball and the same question might be asked for a non licensed partner carrying a back up gun. Nothing I’m aware of in the rulebook says a person can’t pack a muzzleloader in the mountains so technically I think it would be legal but I guess it would depend on the...
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    7.3 Ford Gaser

    I’d be all over that 8.1, if they still made it.
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    Park City bull score

    I’m thinking just either side of 330? I guess that’s one we’ll never know for sure.
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    7.3 Ford Gaser

    Yeah, my bad. Or 11k for that matter...
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    7.3 Ford Gaser

    Anyone pulling 16k with their half ton needs their license pulled.
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    Utah Youth Any Bull - Scouting Service/Semi-Guided

    Awesome! Nice work kid. Them two pictures just made my whole day.
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    Manti early rifle

    Couple of great looking bulls, congrats!
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    Nice looking bull. I think 320’s, maybe low 330‘s?
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    What does this bull score?

    Great top end, little short on thirds. I’d say maybe a little north of 340?
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    Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

    I couldn’t care less about Trump being nominated for the Nobel prize but it sure is cool to see the Lib’s heads explode when stuff like this makes the news. They go bat sh!t crazy when they sniff out any recognition gone his way.
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    1911 showing off

    LOL I don’t think that went at all like he had pictured.
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    Archery Elk Hunt (Utah)

    This is prime time right here. Cool down coming and bulls still without cows. That is a key advantage, when they start looking for cows. No better time to do some good cow call work. Good luck.
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    Good bull

    Good bull indeed. I just love those basket horned bulls.
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    Fish lake late rifle hunt

    Elevation depends. some years they’re still high as they could get but most years they are just scattered in little groups top to bottom.
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    truck tires poll

    +1 on the ST Maxx. I’m about half way through my 2nd set and really like them. Not too aggressive but not bad. Not real quiet but decent. Not great on ice but good as any AT I’ve ran. Real durable. Ran the first set 25k with more than half those miles towing heavy. Until I find something I think...
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    I’d probably duck low and slither out, being I’m outnumbered and I realize what these lunatics are capable of doing (atleast if their homies present) to those who disagree with them.
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    Choosing Between Idiots

    I didn’t ask the question “who’s job is it to rake the leaves Mr. President”. And no, I wasn’t necessarily referring to you but plenty of democrats took it and ran, same as they did when they swore up and down that he told people to inject Lysol to fix the corona.
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    Choosing Between Idiots

    And some people still take the comment “rake the forest” quite literally. No wonder this country is a mess.
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    Bulls are rutting

    Don’t they know it’s still a hundred fricken degrees out?
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    What will he score?

    I’m with San Juan. Looks like a 180 frame type buck but missing the g-2 id say maybe low 160?
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    Shooter for sure! But what do you think he'll score?

    You can’t shoot him, he’s tame. He lives in a house! That’s like shooting the town buck. J/K he’s a nice buck, hard to guess a score in the shadows but he has a good frame. 170?
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    Decode the DNC logo.

    I see two goat heads
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    LE Buck Quality

    What I know of them, 150-160 would be an average expectation and 180 would be a top end buck but it seems every year each one produces a whopper or two. I think those three units are really a toss up, far as quality.
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    Score? Would you shoot?

    315ish. With the extra.
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    Guess the Spread on this Idaho muley

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    Which one to get after???

    2 no question. The first one has a better frame but I like the mass on #2. And a 6x6 is pretty uncommon. Probably never see another like him.
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    Friendly folks

    Sad part is, it’s probably true.
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    Ghost story Randy Swenson
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    Ghost story

    I saw an obituary for goofy elk the other day. Don’t think he’s posted around here for quite awhile but was a regular over at the UWN site. 58 years old. too soon.
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    Another "Would you?" Thread

    Double beam in the back gets an arrow.
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    #SAY HIS NAME Cannon Hinnant

    when you see cowardly sh!t like this, it makes me want to play cowboys and thugs.
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    What do you think of this bull?

    Nice looking bull and he’s sturdy for sure. Decent mass (not as heavy as the velvet makes it appear) average beams but short tine length. I don’t think he’ll break 320 by much if at all but maybe, with that extra on the right.
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    Truck tires

    Depends on how you use them and what they’re going on. I liked MT tires, ran Cooper and BFG but heavy towing with a diesel truck ate them alive so now I run Cooper ST maxx. On a lighter truck you’ll get 30-40k good miles on MT but on a diesel you’ll only get about 15-20k (good traction) miles.
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