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  1. desperatehills

    Truckless Trailers

    A friend drew the unit 23 moose tag so we decided to make the 12 hour drive and spend a week scouting. We spent most of our time scouting the greys river drainage. I was amazed at how many empty camps were set up. I bet there were 50 trailers spread throughout the valley with no trucks around...
  2. desperatehills

    Muzzle loader sight

    I like the idea of this new peep sight for muzzleloaders. It would be great for the states where we can not have a scope. But holy cow, at over $1100 with the custom turret doubt I will ever get one...
  3. desperatehills

    Help understanding draw odds/creep

    Is there a place that shows how many points applicants had that applied for a certain hunt? I will use unit 30 elk for a example. In the special draw it was 37.5 % chance of drawing with max points with 3 tags available to non-residents. There were 95 1st choice applicants. Regular draw was 10%...
  4. desperatehills

    Any business owners file for PPP?

    I own a auto repair and have 3 employees that work for me. We have been in business since 1983. We always have a full schedule, typically it takes a week to get in. Since the virus and stay at home orders have started my business has plummeted. We have pre scheduled only 3 jobs for this week and...
  5. desperatehills

    Insert glue

    What glue do you use to glue in your inserts? My local archery shop gave me a bunch of packets that come with arrows. It is for inserts but it does not seem very tough. My inserts seem to come out to easy. I went through 2 dozen arrows last night. I screwed in a rubber blunt tip and tried to...
  6. desperatehills

    Greater Idaho

    There is some talk lately of expanding Idaho to include Eastern and Southern Oregon. I know these things never seem to get very far. I have been hearing of the state of Jefferson for decades. My question is this, what do the people of Idaho think? I am sure the conservatives in eastern Oregon...
  7. desperatehills

    3 Favorite game cam pictures

    Post up your 3 favorite game cam pictures. I am starting this because I want to practice with the new website format and frankly, we need to change the subject back to something fun
  8. desperatehills

    Show me your side arm holster

    How do you pack your sidearm while hunting. My side holster interferes with the waist strap on my backpack so I often leave it behind where it is useless. I will be helping a friend this year on a moose hunt and the unit is on the fringe of grizzly territory. I want to carry ready to fire. What...
  9. desperatehills

    Hunt Applications Open

    Just finished my hunt application. Am I the first MM'er to apply?
  10. desperatehills

    Archery Deer unit 87

    My friend and I have the points to draw the Deer tag in 87. My friend has no desire to rifle hunt, he is all about archery. Does anyone hunt this unit during the early archery season? I hear most people wait for the rifle season and that is understandable. But does the habitat in this unit make...
  11. desperatehills

    Founder...Email notices

    The box you check in the bottom of post to receive emails when someone post to a thread appears to not be working. Is it just me or are others having the same trouble? I checked my spam and trash folders and they are not ending up there.
  12. desperatehills

    Anyone call Javelina?

    I have been watching youtube videos on calling Javelina. It looks like a blast. Does anybody do it? Does everybody do it and make them call shy? My friends have archery tags in 21 in a few weeks. I am looking forward to glassing the desert, hopefully in the sunshine. Merry Christmas
  13. desperatehills

    Baby Trump Balloon

    So a protester was holding a baby trump balloon at the LSU vs Alabama game last week. A conservative redneck pulls over his pickup and puts on a Alabama t-shirt. He walks up to the protester and ask if he could get his picture taken with the balloon. Once he got a hold of it he pulled a knife...
  14. desperatehills

    Deer Transportation Through Nevada

    We are hunting mule deer in Utah in a couple weeks. If we fill tags on deer not big enough to mount we would like to have euro mounts done. Can deer heads be brought from Utah into Nevada? We can not bring them into Oregon until they are cleaned, due to CWD. I suspect Nevada has the same rules...
  15. desperatehills

    Sheep Tags at Hunt Expo

    I looked at the Hunt Expo website today and didn't see anything about the Full Curl Society and the 10 sheep hunts they have given away on Saturdays in the past. Will they be there this year? I would rather miss the crowds and go Thursday-Friday but the sheep give away is worth going to.
  16. desperatehills

    Bolt wont pull back

    Practicing today with my Fierce Fury 28 nosler I ran into a problem. After a few shots the bolt stuck. It rotates up fine and feels normal but you can not pull it back. I took a block of wood and tapped on the lever but it will not budge. I am shooting factory nosler ammo. I ran 25 shots through...
  17. desperatehills

    Quick deer question

    If I hunt over the counter archery deer in January can I apply for a limited tag in the summer draw for a hunt that fall?
  18. desperatehills

    Pine Valley Mule Deer

    Ok I will admit it, I am bored at work and I want to talk about my up coming hunt. I know where I'm going (kind of). My friend archery hunted it last year and talked me into burning my 8 points on the early rifle tag. The hunt is only 5 days long so if we don't find much there we will just enjoy...
  19. desperatehills

    Deer points Question with poll

    I was listening to the huntin fool podcast this morning while on the stairclimber. It was about Arizona deer. They look at everything through a non-residents eyes. Their take was if you have 10-15 points for deer you should hunt now. There are no hunts you can draw with 5 more points over the...
  20. desperatehills

    What goes on in unit 20?

    Just curious, Is there good, fair, or poor hunting in units 20-AB&C? I bought property in Wickenburg and plan on building a house there in the next 3 or 4 years. They get zero press in Huntin fool, Epic, etc. I will be retired there and will have plenty of time to scout. I am sure there are deer...
  21. desperatehills

    San Juan tag for bessie?

    Did he draw?
  22. desperatehills

    Alligator in a bar

    So a guy walks into a bar with a good sized alligator under his arm. He sets the gator on a barstool and proclaims to the bar "Would anyone in this bar buy me a drink if I let this gator clamp down on my man parts for a full minute?" A rumble comes over the crowd and soon he had several takers...
  23. desperatehills

    Fisherman and the frog

    An old man was sitting on the bank one day fishing and a frog jumps next to him and says" kiss me and I will turn into a beautiful woman". The old man ignored the frog and continued to fish. "hey! didn't you here me? give me a kiss and I will become the most beautiful woman you have ever seen"...
  24. desperatehills

    How big is your trophy room?

    My wife and I are in the design stage for building our Arizona Retirement home. She can pick anything out she wants so long as I get a trophy room. Looking at standard house plans, most dens are a little small. I have a dozen mounts or so with 5 being elk, moose, and oryx. How big should I make...
  25. desperatehills

    More trekking pole questions

    Reading the other post looks like Black Diamond or Liki are the way to go. Can you take Trekking poles when you fly in your carry on? Where in SLC is a good place to shop for them?
  26. desperatehills

    Credit Card Rewards

    I use a rewards card to pay for my hunt application. I put my wife and I in for elk unit 100 special draw. We are one under max points so our odds are less than 1% as a non-resident. So there is a 99%+ chance that I will be getting a refund. Does anyone know if the credit card companies take...
  27. desperatehills

    EXO mountain packs

    Anyone use these packs? Specifically the K2 3500. Nice light pack and the bag unsnaps so a elk quarter can be strapped closer to your body. I think I want one but at $600 I'm not sure. They sell factory direct like kuiu so I cant run down to sportsmans and check them out. Thoughts?
  28. desperatehills

    Details on Wyoming bear attack Reading this article makes a little more sense. The hunter was criticized for throwing the gun and running. If I couldn't get the gun to fire I would do the same thing. I certainly don't think I could figure it out with a bear chewing on...
  29. desperatehills

    Do your reporting early

    The new system has made reporting more difficult. Don't wait till the last minute. If you hit a roadblock you wont find any help from fish and game. I waited 40 minutes on hold and never got to talk to anyone. My roadblock was the email address. Everything was fine for my report. When I did my...
  30. desperatehills

    Have we learned nothing? Living in Southern Oregon there are never ending examples of liberal thinking. Wolves have repeatedly killed cattle at this ranch. According to this article OR-7 has sired 5 litters of pups in the southern...
  31. desperatehills

    Javelina Points

    Can you get 2 Javelina points per year, one for the spring and one for the fall? I believe the fall hunts are youth only but I think it still lets anyone buy a point. I bought a point for each last year before I knew the fall hunts were for youth. How many points does it take to get the hardest...
  32. desperatehills

    McCall Elk

    We are headed to McCall on the 20th for my first Idaho elk hunt. We have a area to hunt so I am not looking for where. Just curious about some of the logistics of the hunt. Can anyone recommend a meat cutter if we are successful? We will be hunting north of McCall. We will have a base camp but...
  33. desperatehills

    License Fee?

    Colorado just hit my credit card for $43 each for my wife and I. It says its for a license. Why did they not get that months ago when I applied? I have mixed emotions about not sending the tag money in. Its been well discussed here, Affordability vs draw odds. It is just odd to hit a card when...
  34. desperatehills

    Rocky Mountain Elk Camp Phoenix

    My wife and I look for any reason to go to Arizona in the winter to warm up and relax a little. When I heard that the elk camp was moved to Phoenix we quickly bought plane tickets and planned our trip. When it was in Reno we went all the time, we went to Vegas once. I always enjoyed seeing new...
  35. desperatehills

    10 moose points

    Like so many others I am trying to decide if I should continue on buying moose points or quit now. I never expected to get to the front of the line or draw the best unit, just to someday get a tag with a chance at getting a moose. I get all the research magazines but they only cover the best...
  36. desperatehills

    121 Guide Recommendation

    Looks like I am flying solo for all but the first 3 days of my elk hunt next month. Can anyone recommend a packer or a guide for this unit?
  37. desperatehills

    104, 108, 121 Rifle Elk

    Just found out I drew my first, and at 52 years old, likely my last Nevada elk tag. I am just starting my research and wondered if anyone has hunted this hunt and can help me with the logistics. Can anyone recommend a meat processer within the unit boundries? I would like to take my camp...
  38. desperatehills

    Arizona Retirement Home

    Ok, not exactly a hunting topic, but what else is a guy to do this time of the year other than apply, train, and prepare for next season. My wife and I are planning on buying a home in Arizona so we can snow bird when we retire in 3 years. Since we will mostly be there from November to April...
  39. desperatehills

    what do you think of this shot placement?

  40. desperatehills

    Broadhead grouping

    How many of you have to move your sights when you switch to broadheads? I shot a drenalin for 8 years. I spent hours paper tuning it and when the season would come around I never had to move my pins. I purchased a Halon this year and the bow is shooting great. Last night I switched to...
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