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    What’s your go to beer for antelope hunting? Does your taste of beer change for elk hunting? Headed to Wyoming on Saturday and doing some last min prepping...
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    Unit 44 one day to hunt

    I picked up a returned unit 44 tag 4th season deer tag. The problem is I only have one day to hunt since I’ll be coming all the way from Alaska and I have a cow elk tag that really has my focus and days off. So my question is can a guy get it done in one day with a goal of a 150 class buck...
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    Doubledrop are your horses ok?
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    Favorite bait

    So let’s here it, what’s your favorite bait?
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    Be honest....

  6. Slightlysober

    Antelope island hunt tomorrow

    Who’s going to be out shed hunting tomorrow on antelope island? Anyone know how many tags they gave?
  7. Slightlysober

    San Juan elk tag on the cheap

    Been thinking of a cheap way of getting a San Juan Elk tag. Since my wife doesn’t hunt If she shoots an elk out of season and I turn her in based on Utah’s program would I get a tag the following year? Even if the fine is a few thousand dollars it still pencils out.... Before you guys get...
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    Expo results Posted Some familiar names!!!
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    Region H drop camp

    Does anyone know of anyone that does drop camps in region H? I know where I want to go but with my older age I would be interested in getting dropped off by horses and picked up a week later. I found some by Jackson but they do not offer drop camps in H. Thanks
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    Expo tag question

    Quick question regarding expo tags. If you draw a tag and can’t go can you donate it to a charity org?
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