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  1. yoteduster

    In training

    In training with parental supervision
  2. yoteduster

    Uinta basin public lands

    Ok..the utah DWR said today that due to the high influx of campers this summer alot of our campgrounds are being thourally trashed, now iam all for using our public lands but why do so many people think that since they are camping out that they can be pigs??
  3. yoteduster

    FS reloading dies

    I have 2 sets of rcbs dies for sale both sets are barley used sort of like new condition 264 wetherby 284 win Iam asking 25oo a set shipped to your door pm me if interested thanks
  4. yoteduster


    I have for sale this rcbs brass vibratory tumbler cleaner it's only been used a couple of times excellent condition 65.oo shipped to your door..if interested pm me thanks
  5. yoteduster

    FS 7mm-08 brass

    I have 30 reprimed once fired and 68 once fired brass and 17 new remington 140gr corelokt psp bullets for sale 90.00 shipped to your door pm me if interested thanks
  6. yoteduster

    FS 280 rem brass

    I have 74 once fired and 101 re-primed 280 rem brass..120.oo shipped to your door pm if interested thanks
  7. yoteduster

    243 rem brass

    I have 146 re-primed once fired 243 rem brass for sale..45.oo shipped to your door Also have 79 once fired brass 243 rem brass 32.50 shipped to your door..if interested pm me thanks
  8. yoteduster

    Got my bull back

    2019..great year
  9. yoteduster

    I dont get it

    I've been watching the sfw auctions tonight and a anthro nine mile bull elk tag sold for 17 grand I didn't know a 3 to 320 class bull was worth that kind of money..I just don't get it
  10. yoteduster

    Youth hunt

    Good luck to all of utahs youth turkey hunters tomorrow
  11. yoteduster


    Utah love birds
  12. yoteduster

    Utahs biggest bucks

    Just received a copy of the 4th addition Rusty Hall and crew did a great job in putting this's a huge book with quite a few new bucks listed if you want some good reading I think it's worth the money..
  13. yoteduster

    Here's what ya need to do

    I've been reading all these post about baiting should we or shouldn't we and what's ethical and what's here's what ya need to do go to you nearest garden center and buy a apple tree plant it in your yard and then start applying for our top end le deer hunts by the time you draw a tag...
  14. yoteduster


    I heard that nikon is closing it's doors on selling scopes does anybody know if this true or just B.S.
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