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    Colorado Early Mule Deer Options

    I was wondering if anyone had some experience with any of the early rifle tags in Colorado over the past few years that would be willing to share their experience with me? I'm sitting on a pile of points and wanting to burn them next year on an early season tag. I know the early rifle tags...
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    Leftover List Issues

    I've been trying to get a deer tag from the leftover list the past few weeks and have been having some issues. I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem. Sequence: 1. I see a tag pop up on the leftover list 2. Immediately login to the CPW site 3. Try to add the hunt code only...
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    Unit 2A Camping Areas

    My wife and I are heading to 2A this weekend to chase some muley's around. Due to the number of tags we had this year we have not had any time to scout the unit ahead of time so we are just heading up for the weekend to have some fun. I was hoping someone on here could help point us in the...
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    Reissued Tags on the leftover list

    Has anyone seen any new tags come up recently on the leftover list? For the first few days I saw a bunch come and go but over the past few days I haven't seen anything new.
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    Sheep Tag on the leftover list

    There is an extremely lucky individual out there somewhere that I am extremely jealous of! The sheep tag SMS12O1A popped up for just a minute today, I had the tag in my cart but he was a touch faster than me...
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    Archery Antelope in 15,16,17,13

    Does anyone have any experience hunting these units and would be willing to share some information. My wife and I each have the tag but do not have a lot of time to devote to scouting. We are not really picky and are really looking for some advice on which unit is best to focus our time? If we...
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    FS Delorme Inreach SE

    FS is a Delorme Inreach SE satellite communicator. It has only been used a few times and is in like new condition. This is definitely a must have if you are heading into the back country as it allows your loved ones to see exactly where you are as well as text you for updates. The only reason...
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    Possible poaching in unit 10 What is everyones opinions on this situation? I feel like 1 of three things could have happened hear: 1-hunter wounded the bull and could never find and recover the bull. 2-poachers shot the bull, left it...
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    Help on 501 2nd Season

    I picked up a unit 501 second season tag for my wife off the reissue list and am looking for some advise. I have never spent time in this unit but have done some research. I was wondering if anyone had any experience they would be willing to share? My main concern is with second season being...
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    Swarovski 8x30 Laser Rangefinder

    I am selling my rangefinder hoping to upgrade to the new EL range. This rangefinder has only been used on 2 hunts as most of my hunts are archery hunts. I have consistently ranged targets out to 1500 yds and have got it to read 2200 on several occasions. I am asking $800 OBO and will be...
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    66 and 67 4th season buck tags

    Does any one have an idea to tag numbers for units 66 and 67 4th rifle? Last year they gave out 40 3rd season tags in each unit. Any thoughts?
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    Unit 201 4th Rifle Tags for 2015

    Just got the 2015 Big Game Brochure and was shocked to see they will have a 4th season buck tag this year in unit 201. I personally do not think the genetics are great in unit 201 but as far as solitude and being a rut hunt this will be one of a kind. If you had lots of points would you apply...
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    Antler Growth?

    Checked the cameras yesterday and found this bull with long fronts but does not appear to be very far along in growth. Is this bull just a young bull and likely going to have short beams or is there enough time for him to grow out?
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