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  1. Troubadour

    NV Buck

    Finally got my buck from last November on the wall. Turned out solid.
  2. Troubadour

    Elk 131-132

    Close friend and his old man are en route to chase bulls in area 13. Ive been in these units once about a decade ago. Any help would be great, or even just an idea of where some water is as I don't believe there is much snow on north slopes yet.
  3. Troubadour

    Old Horn Old Lady

  4. Troubadour

    Sierra Shed

  5. Troubadour

    NV Sheds

    NV findings. Giant forkies are my favorite.
  6. Troubadour

    Sierra 4 Point Match

    Dropped them in a bed of heavy high sage below a rim of mahoganies. Found another single set 4 point a week later 50 yards away.
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