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    SOLD Vortex Viper VHS 4-16x50 Dead Hold BDC $500

    Mounted this to a 300wsm last year. Decided to go with more magnification. Practically new! Everything that came with it is still in the box. $500 cash or Venmo Willing to ship for a small fee.
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    DWR Called Wife!!

    My wife has accepted a turned in tag for the Manti Early Rifle LE hunt. It's in three weeks so not much time for scouting. I know the central part of the unit okay. I would love any info on it. Especially any honey holes or chained down 400"+ bulls, if it's penned up that will do as well!
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    Henry Mtn Bison

    Early rifle hunt is in full swing. With all the extra tags I'm wondering how it's been.
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    Pope and Young Record??

    What's the current Utah record for Pronghorn? Hasn't been updated since 2010. Thanks
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    Mountain Goats On the La Sal's

    Great Spot for them!! But being a farmer I wonder how the locals feel about it.
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    Landowner Tags?

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-21-12 AT 05:35PM (MST)[p]I was lucky enough to draw a Wyoming region C general tag this fall, and just found out my father would like to join me. He's only got a few years of hunting left in him and I can't pass it up. I'm looking for a good landowner tag or voucher that he...
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    Muzzleloader Hunt Cancelled?

    It's just talk and we have a long way to go before the Utah muzzy hunt. Will the DWR Cancel the Muzzleloader hunt this year if things stay dry? I say yes, but it probably won't matter. The whole state will be burned up before then.
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    To Ron Paul Supporters

    This might stir the pot a little so if your thin skinned you might not want to read. I work in a small sporting goods store. I don't agree with all the hoopla we have to go through to get a gun but I do agree that felons or violent criminals shouldn't be able to own one. The other day I had a...
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    When do cards get charged???

    I understand the draw process, and what species is drawn first to last. When do they charge your card?? Is it Alphabetically? I see people posting they drew general deer permits, then down the road a few people post moose and so on. For the last two years I haven't seen anything on my card until...
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    Hunt'nBiz??? What Happened?

    About 10 years ago these guys came out in a big way. Conning people into buying into their organization so you could write off your taxes from expenditures on hunting and fishing trips. People always love to find new ways to "BEAT THE SYSTEM". And more people riding high could tell their friends...
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    6 X Spike ???

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-17-11 AT 04:42PM (MST)[p]I have heard so many stories about these freek bulls. Every year you hear about someone killing one on the general spike hunt. I have seen a club bull before but he still had a few points coming out of it's clubed horn. What say you?? Any pics to back...
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    Roughin It Outdoors Going to KSL

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-12-11 AT 12:42PM (MST)[p]Adam Eakle is going to KSL. Seems like an attempt to bring back the good old days of Doug Miller. KSL made a mistake booting Doug Miller out to begin with.
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    Crowded Areas?

    We all feel the area we hunt is to crowded with other hunters. What are the most crowded areas you've seen? My Choice is. Southern; Pahvant (Northern) Sutheatern; Manti Lasal (above Ephraim) Central; Top of Diamond Fork / Waters North Eastern; Strawberry Northern; Oakley (Smith and Morehouse)...
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    Unit 77,78,771 3rd Season Rifle.

    I have spent most of my time in the west central side of the state. A friend of mine has a friend from Pagosa who killed a nice one last year and told me to put in down there. He just moved out to the Mason Dixon something or other. Any good tip or advice would be great.
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    No Speedgoats on the Plateau!!!

    I live only an hour from the Parker mountain and have put in plenty of scouting trips. And from as far south as the barney top to as far north as fish lake there are only about 10 good bucks to shoot. I feel bad for anyone who has a tag this year. The DWR has been hauling Antelope off the parker...
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    Mathews Monster

    Just shot one at Mtn Man Outdoors in Ephraim. Shoots Good, I Think its a little easier to control than an ex-force. What do you guys think?
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    Another use for Deer Antlers

    You gotta love how stupid some people are.
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    Hey Utah DWR!

    Can anyone tell me why Utah won't split up the deer units? You hear of overcrowding in one area and not enough in another. For petes sake split them up like every other state in the country. (no offence pete)
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    Kings Blowout Sale in Ephraim!

    Here we go agian! Kings is having another blowout sale down in Sanpete. Friday, Saturday, Monday. At the new Mtn Man Outdoors Store in Ephraim. I was told same prices as last year.
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