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    Any suggestions on a reasonably quick way to get passports? We're looking at a mid January Cancun trip and have never been out of the country. The standard post office route is 6-8 weeks but I'm told they can expedite them. Is that even possible with the Christmas rush started? Also, I googled...
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    It's started

    Seems the Trump protestors are out in force tonight in Salt Lake. I'm sure plenty of people would love to protest the protestors, but it's late, and we have jobs.
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    A shout out to all the moms today. I lost mine a year ago and not a day goes by that I don't miss her, so for those that still have their mother here, don't forget to call and tell them. For those who are gone, just remember them. Happy Mother's Day!
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    Pretty quiet on the 31 front. How did the hunt go?
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    Badlands Bino X

    I ordered the bino X case from Sportsmans last fall not realizing the X is made for 10x 50's, and they're just too bulky for my 10x42's. Real tree. $99 at sportsmans, cost me near $120 to get them shipped to me. Asking $80. I used them for 3 days on the spike muzz hunt, basically new.
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