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  1. merrelltyler

    Badger in the bag!

    Have you ever traped badgers? What did you use as bait? Where did you set the trap? How many badgers have you caught trapping? Do you have any photos of badgers from your hunting adventures? Here are some tips and tricks to catching badgers. Watch how to make badger sets using conibears and...
  2. merrelltyler

    Is it worth going hunting in grizzly country?

    How is it hunting in areas where there are grizzly bears? What do you do to avoid them? What do you carry for protection?
  3. merrelltyler

    Deer stuck in a fence Any suggestions on what to do when you see this? I wasn't sure 100% sure what to do, but I did not want to get busted for poaching. You can get creamed for shooting it. It seemed better to get it out than to let it stay there.
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